Why You Need a WebMD Enhanced Profile

WebMD is the #1 trusted source in healthcare, with 1 in 4 U.S. adults using the website each month. In fact, 70% of people use WebMD as the primary source for decision-making when it comes to their health. Being listed on WebMD can put your practice in front of a large audience, with approximately 10 million monthly visitors looking for doctors. A WebMD Enhanced Profile can not only increase your practice’s online visibility, it can also help you stand out from thousands of other practices on the website. Here are just a few benefits of a WebMD Enhanced Profile.

Featured Profile

Unlike a standard WebMD profile, an Enhanced Profile helps you gain a competitive edge by placing your profile at the top of the results page. An Enhanced Profile positions your practice in one of the top 3 positions for your specialty in your local area. This ensures that your Enhanced Profile is found by the people most likely to visit your practice. Being featured on WebMD also helps your Enhanced Profile rank higher on Google Search!

Zero Competitor Ads

Your medical practice has numerous competitors online. On your Enhanced Profile, that number is zero. Standard practice profiles have a sponsored results section that features listings from other practices at the top of the profile. With an Enhanced Profile, competitor ads are blocked from ever appearing on your profile, so potential patients will only see your listing. Additionally, your practice will get increased exposure from having your profile appear on competitor profiles.

Synced Appointment Requests

An Enhanced Profile makes the process of attracting new patients seamless with HIPAA compliant appointment requests. Patients can request an appointment right from your Enhanced Profile with just one click, and the request is synced directly to your Demandforce portal. All of your appointment requests can be viewed in the portal, with a breakdown of how many were received from your Enhanced Profile.

Demandforce Leads Tracking

Appointment requests aren’t the only leads you can track using the Demandforce portal. Practices using both Demandforce and a WebMD Enhanced Profile will also be able to view and track incoming phone calls under the Leads menu in the portal. Track and listen to call recordings received from your Enhanced Profile to better understand what patients are looking for in your practice, as well as the days and times they’re trying to reach you.

A WebMD Enhanced Profile is the perfect way to help your practice get noticed online and stand out from competitors. Receiving traffic from Google searches, top page placement, and zero competitor ads will help attract new patients to your practice. Grow your practice with Demandforce and a WebMD Enhanced Profile. Call us at 800-246-9853 to get started.

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