Watch Now: Dr. John Whyte discusses COVID-19 and what to expect over the next 30 days

Demandforce and Dr. John Whyte, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of WebMD, recently held a live discussion and Q&A about the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Whyte, who has communicated health issues to the public for nearly two decades, shared his insight and outlook regarding the pandemic and how practices can prepare for the next coming weeks. 

Watch the webinar recording today to learn:

  • How flattening the curve delays and reduces the number of cases 
  • Why you should wear personal protective equipment
  • The importance of social distancing 
  • What to expect in the next 30 days

Demandforce and WebMD have come together to provide your practice with new COVID-19 communication tools and WebMD news content for your patients. We hope you enjoy the webinar recording and find it informative as we all face the pandemic together. For more information on our COVID-19 solutions, schedule a consultation with us here.

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