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Unlock the Power of Online Business Listings

When it comes to online business listings, less is not best. Research found that listings with all fields completed received 416% more views than those with fields missing. These days consumers expect to quickly find the information they’re looking for and won’t hesitate to jump to a competitor’s online profile if it’s more thorough. Utilize online business listings to their full potential with these two quick fixes.

Complete every field available

Getting listed on multiple directories is a good starting point, but it’s even more important to provide a full picture of your business to potential customers. Visitors no longer just search for your hours, phone number, and address, they also want to view your website, reviews, company description, and photos to make their decision. It takes as little as five minutes to keep your customers informed and engaged by simply adding your payment options, list of services, special offers, email address, and social accounts.

Customers appreciate being able to engage directly with businesses. The easiest way is through social media where visitors can view additional photos, videos, and comments. Business listings that include links to Twitter and Facebook receive 54-83% more views than those that leave this field blank. Set up social media accounts that are most relevant to your business and stay active to reap the most benefits.

Update listings regularly

No one likes to arrive at or call a business during the posted working hours only to discover it’s closed. Keep all of your listings updated with accurate information including holiday hours. Frequently, the first impression of a business is made online and directories often show up very high on search engines. Having a robust listing that is consistent across directories displays a sense of transparency and professionalism.

Regularly updating listings can be a time consuming process if your business is registered on multiple sites, but tools like ListingPro make it simple. ListingPro lets you update 50+ listings at once and compiles a report on their performance, so you can see which directories are driving the most appointments.

Be confident that all of your listings are fully completed with accurate information so viewers can easily contact your business. Do you know the quality of your online business listings? Check the health of your listings with our free scan.


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    Howell Mueller
    2 years ago

    Very thankful for this wonderful article, it seem like it will really help with what I need to get done. Thank you very much for the post!