Tips to Increase Client Retention

No matter the industry, reducing customer churn is essential. Existing customers account for the bulk of daily revenue and determine the health and long-term success of a business. Typically, it costs at least five times more to attract a new client than to retain an existing one. Not to mention existing clients spend an average of 67% more than newcomers. So take advantage of these methods to strengthen your customer relationships and keep them coming back.

Accommodate on-the-go lifestyles

Mobile optimized websites are no longer optional, but rather the new standard. Today, half of all local searches are done on a mobile device and that number is rising. Ensure that all of your mobile visitors have a positive experience by upgrading to a responsive design. Common issues like slow loading speed, an outdated design, and difficulty finding information negatively affect the chances of a customer not only returning to your website, but also coming back to your business. Despite these facts, 93% of small businesses do not have a mobile-friendly website. Upgrading your website is an easy way to outshine your competitors.

Cultivate relationships

All businesses have to deal with customers who for whatever reason decide to take their business elsewhere. Connecting with them and cultivating an authentic and beneficial relationship makes leaving much more difficult. Like any relationship, communication is vital. Customized recalls and appointment reminders are practical for both sides since they keep your business top-of-mind, reduce no-shows, and recall lost customers. Great customer support like consistently answering email inquiries and always being available also go a long way. Since 99% of SMS messages are read and often receive an instant response, communication by text is a viable option. Our two-way text feature lets you send and respond to messages in real time, so speaking directly with customers is even easier.

Build trust

Businesses and entire industries are based on trust, which is also a pillar of the customer experience. No one returns to a business they consider untrustworthy, that holds true for both online and offline interactions. An easy way to begin building confidence with current customers is simply by asking them to complete an online review or survey. This shows that their business and opinion are valuable to you, plus you’ll also gain insightful feedback to adapt your business to meet their needs. Collecting and replying to reviews also improves your online reputation and strongly affects how your business is perceived by current and potential clients.

Implementing a few simple strategies to keep customers coming back has a wealth of benefits. One study found that increasing client retention rates by just 5% increases profits from anywhere between 25% and 95%. So, focusing more on current customers may just be the approach you need to dramatically grow your business.

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