Tips for a successful reopening video

You may have already reopened your business, or you may be preparing to reopen soon. Whether you have notified your clients about your reopening on other channels like email or social media, video is an impactful way to make an announcement. According to Forbes, “among millennial audiences, two-thirds of social media users reported engaging with a brand after watching a video posted on social media.” Creating a reopening video for your business is simple, and you don’t need to have a big budget production. You can shoot your video yourself using just a smartphone. Here are some tips to help you execute a successful reopening video.

Filming tips

Creating a video doesn’t need to be a huge production; most smartphones can produce a high-quality video for you. If you can, secure your smartphone to a small tripod. If you don’t have access to a cheap tripod, a flat, level surface at eye level can work just as well with a little maneuvering. It’s also important to film in a well-lit space. Natural sunlight works best, so if you can, find a place near a window which will provide adequate lighting. Maintain eye contact and speak slowly so your audience understands you clearly.

Keep your message brief and clear

Your announcement video shouldn’t be more than one minute in length. Attention spans are short, so clarity and brevity will lead to more successful engagement. Identify your name and business, announce when you will be reopening (or if you already have), what services will be available, and any additional safety precautions you’re taking. Remember, short videos are more memorable for your customers and easier to engage with than a 10-minute video.

Be yourself

You don’t need to be an A-list celebrity to shine like a star in your video, you just need to act naturally! Many of your customers have been in quarantine for the past three months, and since many businesses have been closed, we are all craving social interactions. Your personality is one of the many reasons your customers return to your business again and again. Using a video to announce your reopening will give your customers an opportunity to remember why they come to you in the first place. You’ll be more at ease on camera by imagining that you’re speaking directly to those customers who you’ve built a business relationship with over the years. There’s no need to be shy or nervous, your customers are your friends!

The pandemic has surely led to increased video consumption. We’ve seen business trends lean towards virtual engagement, and we will probably see this trend continue to progress. Engage with your customers and bring in new customers by creating a simple reopening video.

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