The Top Marketing Trends of 2018

While 2018 may have felt like the longest year to date, 2019 arrived quickly. As we settle into the first days of this new year, we wanted to look back at the top marketing trends of 2018. Here are all the top trends businesses small and large would benefit from adding to their marketing strategy in the new year.


The Association of National Advertisers chose “brand purpose” as the 2018 marketing word(s) of the year. This should come as no surprise, as 2018 saw many businesses return to the art of storytelling in marketing. At the core, storytelling is centered on creating connections around a brand’s purpose and eliciting an emotional response that translates into a desired action. By sharing how your brand’s purpose relates to your products and services, you can build a loyal community that have trust in your mission.

Influencer Marketing

A recent study on influencer marketing showed that 70% of millennials are driven to make buying decisions based on the recommendations of their peers. This year more brands have relied on influencers, or customer advocates, to endorse their products and services. Encouraging user-generated content is a great way to increase organic traffic to your website and social media channels. The best thing about influencer marketing is the added boost to your morale from having staunch advocates for your business.

Video Marketing

Over the past few years, video has continued to provide excellent results for businesses that embrace video as a part of their marketing strategy. However, many companies are still hesitating to devote the necessary time and budge to video marketing. When you take into account that businesses using video grow revenue at a rate 49% faster than those who don’t, it’s a no-brainer to embrace video to benefit your business goals. In fact, video marketing is no longer a trend or a strategy, it is a necessary channel to support your larger business goals.

Whether your business is focused on growth or improving the way you connect with existing customers, these strategies can significantly help your efforts. Focusing on methods to attract and engage your target audience will set your business up for success in 2019 and beyond.

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