The 2021 Pivot: 3 Strategies to Prepare for the New Year

Although the new year is almost here, one thing is certain, businesses won’t be returning to normal when the clock strikes midnight. It will take months or even years for businesses to fully recover from hardships caused by COVID-19. During the early months of the pandemic, many businesses began to quickly pivot their business model in order to survive. From adopting an online business model to engaging customers through new channels, here are 3 ways to pivot your business in 2021.

Pivot Online 

Even if your customers cannot physically visit your business, they are still reliant on your business for their everyday needs. Now is the time to pivot to online sales, if you haven’t already. Consider your customers and their needs. How can your business pivot to continue serving your customers? 

Online tools not only help streamline business, they also improve the customer experience. Adding Online Booking to your business is a convenient way for customers to schedule appointments on their terms while also reducing the time your staff spends on the phone. By adding a simple widget to your website, online listings and social sites, you can drive more appointments for your business.

Pivot to Social Media 

If you want to reach customers where they already are, social media is a good use of your time and resources. Many businesses are accustomed to only using their social media channels as another online business listing. It’s much more beneficial to actively engage with customers. 2021 is the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of what social sites have to offer. In fact, during the pandemic businesses have found success by using social media as the first point of connection with customers. 

Once connection is established, be sure to post regular updates about your business and relevant content to keep your business top-of-mind with customers. For example, if you run a salon, post regular video updates about taking care of your hair during the pandemic.

Pivot to a New Audience 

Depending on your industry, you may have noticed a significant increase in new customers reaching out to your business. If you’re experiencing an influx of new customers, be sure to track where they are coming from and double down on your marketing efforts. Are they finding you on social media or through your online listing sites? Further expand your reach by inviting current customers to leave feedback about your business through online review requests. Be sure to share that feedback on your social media pages to maximize your exposure!

2020 has required businesses to leave their comfort zones and develop new strategies and skills to navigate the economic shift. While we don’t know what the new year holds, it’s important that businesses are not only prepared to pivot once again, but that they also have the right tools in place to help them succeed.

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