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Send your patients a secure payment link via text message to pay any outstanding bill.

The fastest way your front office can request money and get paid

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Send quick and easy payments

Easily send payment requests by accessing a patient’s text details in the Demandforce portal. Then click on “Send Payment Request”, enter in the amount, and send.

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Make invoice payments simple for patients with text

Patients receive a short text message about the bill payment with a link to pay. Once opened, they can pay with one click.

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Utilize an easier & faster alternative to traditional mail

With Text2Pay from Demandforce, practices can more quickly send medical bills AND get them paid faster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Text2Pay Service

What is Text2Pay?

Text2Pay, also known as sending payments by text, is a secure, streamlined, and simple solution for practices and other businesses to quickly accept payments directly from customers using simple SMS or text messages. Instead of relying on more traditional invoicing methods, such as emails or delivering printed invoices, you send them a text message with the invoice link, and that's it. Patients will no longer need to enter another portal or website to see their total and then pay. Text2Pay eliminates multiple steps, allowing for speedy and comfortable payments on the customer's smartphone.

When you sign up for Demandforce, you can add Text2Pay, and your patients will receive a text message containing a secure payment link.

With payments by text, patients can enter their credit or debit card information directly on their smartphone, and the transaction is processed instantly. Both you and the patients receive immediate confirmation once the payment goes through.

Your patients will appreciate the ease of paying their bills with minimal effort, and payments by text have incredibly high open rates, ensuring timely reminders. For other businesses, Text2Pay speeds up cash flow, simplifies the payment process, and can even help reduce delinquent accounts. And since reputable Text2Pay providers prioritize security and comply with regulations, you can be confident that sensitive customer payment data is handled safely.

When looking for the right Text2Pay provider for your business, consider factors like pricing, how easily it integrates with your existing systems, security measures, and the level of customer support offered. Demandforce has all of these and more!

How does Text2Pay work?

Text2Pay offers a convenient, lightning-fast solution that gets your invoices paid! With a few clicks in the Demandforce portal, you'll fire off a quick text message to your patient that contains a secure, mobile-friendly payment link. No more complicated billing portals for them to navigate – they click the link and securely pay directly on their phone. Here are all the reasons why your customers will love Text2Pay:

•Text2Pay streamlines the billing experience for both your staff and your patients.

•Accelerate those pending payments and say goodbye to slow-moving traditional mail. Text has a far faster response rate for overdue bills, meaning you get paid sooner.

•Customers (especially patients) value convenience. Let them pay outstanding balances in seconds from a device they already have in their hand, rather than fumbling with checks or logins.

If you're ready to simplify collections, reduce friction for your valued patients, and improve your practice's overall financial health, use Text2Pay from Demandforce.

What will a patient see when they receive a Text2Pay message from my medical practice?

A patient receiving a Text2Pay message will receive an SMS that will say something along the lines of "Hi (name), Your invoice from (business name) is now available. Pay online now at (link). Contact our office with any questions."

When patients click the link, they will be led to a special payments page.

Your patient will input card details on the secure page and click the blue "Pay" button. When a patient successfully pays an invoice, your business will be sent a copy of the electronic receipt to the patient's provided email on the payment page.

Medical practitioners will have virtually no difficulties tracking and monitoring who has been billed and who has paid while using the most convenient solution – Text2Pay.

How relevant is text messaging to healthcare marketing today?

Healthcare professionals are increasingly aware of the immense impact of solid patient engagement and open communication on delivering positive health outcomes. Building trust and establishing clear dialogues empower patients to manage their health proactively, fostering adherence to treatment plans. While various communication channels exist, text messaging continues to shine for immediacy and reach.

Emails get buried; voicemail notifications are ignored—text messages cut through the clutter. Unlike most mediums, they command immediate attention and boast a near-universal open rate. This makes texting an exceptionally effective tool for timely healthcare communication.

While simple "don't forget your appointment" texts are valuable, secure texting platforms streamline critical patient interactions. Pre-visit intake forms can be filled out at a patient's convenience with a simple text link, saving them time at the office and freeing up staff for complex inquiries. Urgent updates, preventative care reminders, or test result follow-ups fit perfectly into a brief yet compelling text message.

Patients want healthcare interactions mirroring the responsiveness they experience in other aspects of their lives. Texting meets this need. From a quick question about medication to providing post-procedure updates, it creates a sense of accessibility and continuous support. Furthermore, the simplicity of this communication mode can overcome obstacles such as digital literacy gaps or complicated patient portals.

Strategic texting (including using Text2Pay) eases pressure on phone lines (and computers), decreases no-shows through reminders, and improves patient satisfaction. Pre-scripted texts for common questions with links to further resources save time without sacrificing personalization.

Integrating secure texting into your patient communication strategy is a smart move for any healthcare professional if you're seeking ways to strengthen patient relationships, reduce admin burdens, and provide timely healthcare support.