Demandforce Blog - Summer Tips to Generate More Salon Clients

Summer Tips to Generate More Salon Clients

The summer months are notorious for being slow for a lot of hair salons. Regular clients often head out of town for vacation, leaving many salon chairs empty. Developing creative ways to market your business and maintain revenue year-round is important for the success of your salon. During the slowdown, use these tactics to drive traffic back to your business and generate more salon clients.

Create a summer promotion

Nothing draws people into a business more than special offers and promotions because let’s be honest, everyone loves getting a discount! Boost appointment requests by crafting a fun summer-inspired email campaign for your clients. Try out our new Campaign Studio email builder with easy-to-use templates, salon imagery, and more so you can send an offer to your mailing list in minutes.

Here are a few fresh ideas to get you started:

  • Summer blow out special
  • Offer exclusive bundles to clients who book their first appointment this summer
  • Free hydrating hair mask or product sample with service
  • Body waxing special
  • Refer a friend and get $20 off your summer service
  • Updo/makeup promotion for wedding season
  • Discount on hair products that contain sun protection

Post an Instagram exclusive offer or contest

If your salon isn’t active on social media, you’re missing out on additional visibility, and potential clients. Salons use Instagram to showcase their talented stylists, hair transformations, positive client experiences, and more. Start generating some summertime buzz by holding a contest or posting an Instagram-only offer. Gain more followers by requiring everyone who wants to use the offer or be entered into the contest to follow your account and like or repost the image. The prize for your contest can be anything from a free product or makeover to a professional photoshoot showcasing the client’s new look.

Update your online listings

People use online business listings for much more than just looking up your salon’s address or phone number. Complete listings with enhanced content (photos, website URL, social media links, etc.) receive more than 4 times the number of views than listings without this information. Not only will your listings stand out and help future clients make informed decisions, they are also a key factor in your salon’s online visibility.

Do you know what your online business listings look like to clients? If you want to check on the status of your online listings, you can do so for free with our quick scan. We have the tools to help you update your listings on over 50 sites so your salon looks great to potential clients and can easily be found online.

Now it’s time to get creative! From summer-inspired email promotions to engaging Instagram content, your salon will be busy as usual all year long. These ideas may be geared towards the infamous summer slump, but you can implement them throughout the year whenever your salon needs a little boost.

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