Social Media Content Ideas for Your Practice

The value of social media in attracting patients to your practice should never be underestimated. Not only can a professional page drive important traffic to your website, it can also augment your conversion rate, benefiting your bottom line. But having a social media page without a plan isn’t sufficient. Social media must be utilized correctly to be an effective and beneficial marketing tool.

First impressions on social media are crucial. Potential patients to your practice can be enamored or turned off quickly in today’s fast-paced society. Here are a few social media content ideas to build up your followers and boost engagement for your practice.

Engage With Video and Livestream

Video clips are a great way to engage your audience, since reports show people watch millions of hours of videos on Facebook each day. Showcase your practice, its events and your team; and above all, keep it positive. Humanize and show the distinct personalities of staff and patients, your common procedures, abilities, and especially publicize future events and any special offers. In essence, boost engagement by personalizing your practice. 

When it comes to Facebook, Facebook Live can be a valuable option. Studies show that people view  these live videos three times as much than pre-recorded ones. Live videos can be a real benefit to your practice.  You can showcase your work, record a video interview or even hold a question-and-answer session on prices and techniques, all in real time. Responding in real time also tends to establish a personal connection with followers and potential patients. 

Instagram Stories is another popular choice for videos. You can upload content, edit it, add a short “story”, and organize the content based on locations and topics, coupled with creative links. Direct messages received via Instagram are a plus too. If someone “DMs” you, reach out and direct them to your practice immediately.

Patient Testimonials

Another great option is sharing testimonials and reviews from satisfied patients on social media. When potential patients read reviews about satisfactory experiences your current patients are having, this may persuade them to consider your practice. Try sharing testimonials, reviews, and patient case studies frequently to keep your practice front of mind with potential patients. Just be sure to respect the privacy of your patients by ensuring that all of your testimonials do not violate HIPAA laws. This type of trust building content will not only maintain good relationships, but will also attract others based on recommendations from their friends, location, and interests. After they share their thoughts, thank them with a special contest or discount during a future visit.

Being an effective social media content marketer also means establishing your practice as a reputable, professional authority in your field. The ultimate goal is to use your social media accounts to bring in actual patients. Social media may be only one part of your overall digital marketing picture, yet it’s a vital component. When used cleverly and correctly, it will impress your patients and enhance your practice.

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