Save time this February with automation

February is National Time Management month, a perfect time to evaluate efficiency within your business, and reinforce your 2020 business goals around productivity and time management.

Using a marketing automation software is one of the best ways to save time and run your business more efficiently because it streamlines a lot of day-to-day office tasks, all while improving customer communications. While some tasks should always be done in-the-moment like responding to a potential client, other tasks like finding error-filled business listings should be automated. Here are a few ways your small business can use automation to save time this February.

Create personalized marketing messages in advance 

The most efficient automated messages are recall reminders, thank you messages, and online review requests. Whether it’s through email or text, these messages are a must-send because they keep your clients loyal to your business, while also expanding your online presence. Even though each message isn’t sent manually, you can often include first name personalization, so that the automated message is relevant to the recipient. Automation is meant to enhance your strategies, not cheapen them, so clients won’t ever feel like they are receiving a bulk Thank You email. In the time it took that single client to happily read their Thank You email, your business successfully sent 50 thank you’s without using the time of any staff members.

Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders 

Automation is based off of rules, so setting up your appointment reminder rules when you get started will be the most work you do for that communication. Rules include details like the timing of the reminder, the frequency, and the method (email, text, or voice) – very easy to setup overall. Since reminders are very timely messages, if you’re sending two you should pick a different channel for each. For example, a text for the first reminder, and a voice message for the final reminder that’s closer to the appointment. That way if your client forgot about the text as quickly as they read it, they will have your business top-of-mind with the voice message. Meanwhile, you only had to set the rules once, while the software helps keep your clients on time for all of their appointments in the future.

Monitor your online presence in one place 

There’s a whole world of data-aggregating websites, social channels, and review sites that make up your online presence. It’s quite a bit to manage! With marketing software, you’ll be able to consolidate your tracking, make bulk updates to incorrect listing data, and even compare your business to competitors. The time you’ll save with this feature alone will change the marketing aspect of your business from daunting to efficient.

Use National Time Management month to find solutions for what’s not working in your business. If a task or process is slowing things down, ask yourself, can I automate this?

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    4 years ago

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂