Salons & Spas: Stay top-of-mind during COVID-19 with video marketing

Just because your salon or spa may have closed its doors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean you have to sit back in the shadows and risk your clients forgetting about you. Video marketing has continued to establish itself as an essential business strategy, and is now a vital tool to maintain client relationships while your standard business practices are put on pause. Here are 4 tips to stay top-of-mind with video marketing.

1. Offer virtual salon consultations

You have regular clients who rely on your styling expertise. Hosting face-to-face video consultations with regular clients is a great way to offer styling guidance and revitalize engagement with them. Feature this new offer on your website’s homepage and link to an appointment page with your availability.

Consider using email marketing as a way to get the message out to your clientele. An email in your client’s inbox acts as a virtual wave to reignite your one-on-one connection and is a sure way to remain top-of-mind. It can also remind clients that they need you to continue looking fabulous! Take advantage of an opportunity to reconnect with your regulars, and spark new relationships with future clients.

2. Color maintenance

Many clients come into your salon for a color touch-up that hides their greys. Although they too are shuttered in place and not frequenting the world outside, virtual meetings have become the new norm in the at-home-workplace. That means those greys need to be held at bay for video conference calls. Offer guidance by posting video tutorials to your Instagram and Facebook pages. Demonstrate how your clients can hide regrowth or greys by using hair makeup or some household products they may already have at hand.

3. Trimming 

Sometimes all your client needs to maintain a fresh look is a simple trim. But clients rely on you, the professional, and a do-it-yourself approach can be intimidating. This is yet another opportunity to let your clients know that you are still there for them. You might consider a daily or weekly video on your Instagram Live or Facebook Live where you guide them through a simple approach to trimming their bangs. Hosting your video Live is a great way to give your clients something to look forward to, while also offering the support they need to undertake the trim. Instagram Live and Facebook Live videos allow you to communicate in real-time with your clients via the comments to make sure no one is left behind. 

If you choose to host regular video tutorials, the use of email marketing to alert clients when to tune in, and remind them of upcoming videos, will strengthen your following. If you begin to do this regularly, you can also post the schedule on social media so your audience can plan ahead. 

4. In-home spa treatments

Your spa clients are stressed and thinking of you. Clients wish they could book an appointment to relax. Help ease their anxiety by creating videos for your Instagram and Facebook pages that feature weekly or daily in-home spa treatments. If you sell products that clients may want to include in their in-home spa treatment, use this opportunity to promote them. Linking your website in the video’s description or on your social profile is a great way to drive website traffic that can boost revenue of these products.

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