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Small Business Mobile App Nation

Everyone’s talking about apps these days. In addition to the Angry Birds and Fruit Ninjas out there, this infographic looks […]

How Much Should You Be Saving?

There isn’t a magic number that works for everyone, but financial advisors agree that regular contributions to a savings account […]

Why Your Site Needs to Be Mobile Friendly

Opportunities for mobile-friendly sites are growing larger every day. As of 2012, mobile traffic alone makes up 10% of all […]

6 Ways to Incorporate Video into your Marketing Strategy

Roughly 8.5 in every 10 online users can be reached through online video marketing, a number that is rapidly growing […]

Taking It to the Text Level – SMS-ing Customers

In a fast-moving digital world, consumers want instant and on-demand service. And with 90 percent of the world’s population covered […]

Checklist for Success – How to Stand Out

What is it that you need to succeed? Check out this nifty checklist and stand out from your competitors by […]

Reinventing your Small Business

Throughout history, scores of small ventures have evolved into monster successes as a direct result of reinventing their operations to […]

Appointment Wait Times by City

Whether you’re a physician, or provide another type of appointment-based service, we all know how difficult it can be to […]

The Evolution of Employee Scheduling

As your business grows and hires more employees, scheduling will become ever more important. Proper scheduling has been found to […]

The Evolution of Time-Management Tools

Since early history, humans have found countless means to measure and manage the dimension of time. Before clocks were invented, […]

The 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey Results

Small and local business owners need to pay close attention to their online reviews. BrightLocal conducted its annual Local Consumer […]

The Importance of Relationship Marketing

In life, your most successful relationships are often with the people closest to you. Why should it be any different […]

Getting People to Answer Your Surveys

To businesses, customer satisfaction surveys are vital in measuring the pulse of brand perception and paving the way for future […]

Responsive Web Design for Small Businesses

Responsive web design is quickly becoming a key element for any online property. Laptops and desktops are no longer the […]

How Small Biz Blogs Increase Sales

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that starting a blog can help market your small business and increase your sales that […]

The Good Bad and Ugly of Customer Service

Got negative reviews? Think that you have them under control? ZenDesk has released results from a recent study, which reveals […]

5 Ways to Grow your Online Reputation

Follow these 5 easy steps on how you can spread a positive word about your business. Take the help from […]

The Unselfish Reasons Why People Write Reviews

Lately, it seems as though more and more consumers are flocking to online review sites, forums, and apps to share […]

The Best Days to Post to Facebook, by Industry

People aren’t constantly browsing Facebook (despite what we all think…) so you grab their attention at the right moment! Find […]

Unlock the Secrets of Facebook

There are more than one billion Facebook users around the world. Is your business set up to take advantage of […]

Your Mobile Communication Style

Remember when we used the phone just for talking? These days there are so many things to do on mobile […]

12 Proven Email Topics for your Practice

Running out of topics on what to write about for your email campaigns? Here are 12 great ideas that you […]

Dr. Zak’s Eyecare Clinic – Emphasis on Patients

Staying current with the latest developments in eye care, prescription lenses and contact lens technology is how Dr. Michael Zak’s […]

Christian Brothers Automotive

By streamlining online promotions with ready-to-go email campaigns and social media, Christian Brothers Automotive was better able to reach out […]

Pawsitively Spoiled – Tail’s Wag to Demandforce

Pawsitively Spoiled needed a simpler way to get things done, a way they weren’t able to before. Online appointment requests, […]

The Face & Body Spa – Better Engagement

As a small business owner, Heather Dempsey-Gade is judicious in her expenditures and carefully weighs the cost and benefits of […]

Nancy Archibald DDS – Love Your Patients

Nancy Archibald DDS has been in practice since 1986, and a member of the California Dental Association since 1984. She […]

Best Time to Send Email Hour by Hour

Email campaign success depends upon subscriber engagement. You can gauge subscriber engagement by answering some simple questions: What time do […]

Aethena Gynecology

See how this gynecology practice uses Demandforce to make scheduling appointments easy, collect feedback on patients’ office visits, and leverage […]

Keystone Chiropractic

See how Demandforce helps this chiropractic practice reduce no-shows, reconnect with inaactive patients and maintain a solid reputation for quality […]

American Tire and Auto Care

American Tire and Auto Care was able to move away from print mail and boost their online reputation, reduce the […]

Paris Parker Salons – Driving Loyalty

By keeping guests engaged with online communications and promotions, and publishing online reviews across the web, Paris Parker Salons was […]

Email Marketing Cheatsheet

Email marketing is still a hugely important part of any business’ marketing strategy. Most brands still prefer to communicate via […]

Small Businesses… Mobilize!

In the age of always on and on-the-go, small business owners who haven’t thought about how their websites function on […]

What is the ROI of Being Attentive to Customers?

It’s one thing to simply set up a Facebook Page for your business, but it’s another to actively engage customers […]

How to Romance Your Customers

As a small business owner there’s one relationship you have to maintain, and that’s the one with your customers. Check […]

More Employees Means More Growth

No matter how much technology changes, one thing that remains constant is that hiring is the key to growth. When […]

Why Pay Attention to the Facebook Power User

In a recent study, Pew Research partnered with Facebook and discovered a major phenomenon: the typical Facebook user receives more […]

7 Tools for Managing Your Reputation

Do you know how your brand is perceived in the digital world? You should. Like it or not, your online […]

Social Media Analytics – It’s Not a Sprint

In the past few years, businesses have rushed to use social media. About 94% of all businesses now use some […]

Inboxed! Are Your Email Campaigns Getting Read?

Email marketing has come a long way since the early days of dial-up. As more businesses join the game, more […]