Recall Strategies for Veterinary Practices

Veterinary practices face a common problem: clients bring their pets in for a necessary service then aren’t heard from again. Recalling these lost clients is just as important as acquiring new ones. Recall is the ability to retain current clients and keep them coming back. We’ve compiled some essential recall strategies to help your veterinary practice maintain a full calendar and succeed in the long term.

Benefits of recall for vet practices

Let’s face it, even though regular visits to the vet are highly recommended to keep animals healthy, many clients don’t show up unless their pets are sick. One of the main benefits of winning back these valuable clients is the financial savings. The costs of attaining a new client can be up to 10 times more than recalling and retaining an existing one. Additionally, repeat clients typically spend more on products and services.

Recall strategies

Demandforce’s communication features help veterinarians reconnect with lost clients through email, text, and voice automation. Providing an excellent client experience, staying top of mind, and setting up automated reminders are just a few ways to build a loyal client base.


We make it simple to send email campaigns with our one-click industry specific templates on topics like heartworm prevention, and more. Save time with these branded templates or create your own unique emails from scratch to keep your practice top of mind. You can also offer a promotion to persuade lost clients to return to your practice or keep your clients engaged by sending personalized messages like pet birthday emails.

Recall reminders

Texting is one of the most convenient and efficient ways for businesses and clients to communicate. Demandforce’s recall reminders are automatically sent via text, email, or voice to notify clients to come in for preventative care like annual exams and immunizations. You can also send a quick one-off message inquiring how a client’s pet is doing to build trust and passively remind them that they’re overdue to take their animal companion in for a check up.

Automation makes winning back lost clients easier than ever. With these simple recall strategies, veterinary practices can turn one-time visitors into loyal clients. Contact a Demandforce expert today to set up a recall strategy for your practice.

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