Call Tracking for Demandforce

Trackable phone numbers Campaign statistics Call recordings

What is Call Tracking?

1 Campaigns

Trackable phone numbers are assigned to your Demandforce Local page, email campaigns, and postcard campaigns. You can view these numbers and their assigned campaigns within your Demandforce portal.

2 Track

Call Tracking will report the number of calls received to each trackable number and make a recording of the calls. Login to your Demandforce portal to view call log summaries and see useful caller data like: call duration, caller name, and campaign type.

3 Analyze

Take advantage of Call Tracking data and call recordings to improve quality of service and identify service and selling opportunities. Review your calls, add tags, notes, and update call status to gain full transparency on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Know what’s driving your calls and grow your business.

How will Call Tracking benefit my business?

  • Track campaign performance

    Identify which campaigns generated the most calls.

  • Gain valuable customer insights

    Know more about who called you and why.

  • Improve customer service

    Recordings help you coach on customer service and selling.

  • Grow your business

    Build on successful campaigns and improve how you respond to incoming calls!

To learn more about Call Tracking:

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