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Demandforce is now in Passbook!

What is Passbook?

Passbook is one of the cool new features from Apple for the iPhone iOS 6 that gives consumers an easy way to organize movie tickets, gift cards, coupons, boarding passes and more. The days of rummaging through your email or wallet for print outs is over.  Think of Passbook just like a mobile wallet.

Passbook also uses your calendar and location intelligently, so your boarding pass automatically appears when you arrive at the airport and your coffee rewards card will open when you enter your favorite coffee shop. Plus, Passbook updates you with relevant information or alerts, such as a gate or departure time change at the airport. Now that’s pretty awesome.

Why does Passbook matter?

You want to stay up to date with the forms of communication your customers use, right?  Clients who use iPhones are probably already utilizing Passbook to:

  • Stay organized with tickets, coupons, & rewards cards
  • Receive quick updates with news, alerts, and deals
  • Easily access all of the passes and cards all in one place

Don’t worry, Demandforce has got you covered.

Our support for Passbook is already working for you every time a customer of yours confirms an appointment with you from their iOS 6 device.

How does Demandforce work with Passbook?

When one of your clients receives an email confirmation on their iPhone they now have the option to add it to Passbook with one click, just like the new digital boarding passes or movie tickets. Now, the appointment details are stored in their phone, are always easy to find, and you’re always right in the customer’s pocket!

How to use Passbook

First things first, start by adjusting the settings on your iPhone to turn on the location services.

Passbook is installed on the iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 6, but the app is not available on the iPad. The app itself doesn’t include any passes, or the ability to create new passes. The store, airline, or movie theater has to start offering the ability to add passes to Passbook.

To use a “pass” or “card”, select it in the Passbook app, and then point your phone at the scanner or barcode reader at the counter - then you’re all set!

Currently there are only a handful of apps that work with Passbook, but the list is always changing. These apps are located in the App Store. You might also start to notice an “Add to Passbook” link on a website, email, attachment, or message when you are on your mobile phone — which you can select and add to Passbook.  It’s that easy.

Ask your customers with iPhones if they’re using Passbook to store appointment information. If they aren’t, help them get started today!