Client on tablet checking his online reputation management

Online Reputation Management

Seamlessly capture and publish reviews to the sites that matter most to your business

Request, publish, and monitor your online reviews in one place

automatic review requests sent to clients via email or text message

Automated Review Requests

Collect reviews faster and increase your star rating with automatic review requests sent to clients via email or text message. Reviews can be published directly to Google.

Intelligent Reviews for Online Reputation Management

Intelligent Reviews

Take control of your review management by turning on or off the review sites you want your online reviews sent to. Choose from top review sites like Google, Facebook, WebMD, and more.

Review Alert for Online Reputation Management

Review Alerts

Receive real-time alerts when a review of your business is posted online. Respond instantly with one of our Suggested Replies or create your own custom reply.

Competitive Dashboard for Online Reputation Management

Competitive Dashboard

Gain the advantage over your competitors with an in-depth competitive dashboard. View valuable information to outshine your competitors and ensure clients choose your business.

Satisfaction Survey for Online Reputation Management

Satisfaction Surveys

Show clients you care by automatically sending a survey after each appointment. Gain insight on how to improve your service with standard and customizable questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Online Reputation Management Services

What are the benefits of online reputation management services?

It would help if you worked on your online reputation to gain your consumers' confidence and credibility. A company's ability to attract and retain customers depends on the quality of its online presence. Online Reputation Management services aid in building and sustaining a positive reputation, which in turn attracts and retains consumers.

Online reputation management services can help put your business in a better light year-round. Positive brand perception can be achieved by firms by monitoring and management of internet information, including reviews, social media mentions, and more. Brand loyalty and consumer acquisition are both boosted by this favorable impression.

Any company can feel the pinch of unsavory reviews and other harmful content. By handling problems promptly and expertly, Online Reputation Management services help lessen the blow of bad press. A negative situation can turn positive when firms respond to criticism and resolve client problems.

Search engine rankings are directly affected by an individual's online reputation. A company's visibility in search engine rankings can be enhanced by cultivating a positive online presence, which includes positive reviews and content.

Because of this, prospective clients will have an easier time locating the company and selecting it over rivals. Increased sales are a direct result of a stellar internet reputation. People are more inclined to do business with a company after reading favorable reviews, testimonials, and other content about that company. By monitoring and pushing positive content online, Online Reputation Management services help to boost client acquisition.

Increased income and profitability are associated with an excellent online reputation. People are ready to shell out extra cash for services and goods offered by companies they have faith in.

Positive internet reviews and a favorable reputation boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases, which positively affects the bottom line. Open contact with customers is made more accessible with Online Reputation Management services. Businesses can learn more about their strengths and opportunities for growth by soliciting and acting upon consumer feedback. Companies can use this feedback loop to improve their products, services, and consumer experience. Reputation crises can be avoided with proactive reputation management. Businesses can keep dire circumstances from worsening and damaging their reputation by watching online mentions and responding quickly when problems arise.

How can I increase my star rating on websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook?

Most people who use Google to find local businesses and services are among the nearly 97% of online search customers.

Of all the clicks in an organic search on Google, 25% go to the first result, and 75% go to the top three.

Your company is unlikely to be found if it does not rank in the top three.

Your company can quickly rise to the top three with the help of five-star ratings. Although star ratings impact local search results and ranks, Google does not include them in online search rankings.

These days, customers expect a lot from companies. Customers nowadays still care about convenience and affordability, but they also want more from the companies they do business with.

The customer service they receive is just as important as the goods or services provided, according to 84% of consumers.

So, how can one ensure a decent or exceptional customer experience? Seamless and personalized experiences are what customers want. Although it may seem like a complicated order, more than 70% of consumers will automatically increase their expectations of an old or new business after a single outstanding experience. Therefore, the experience you provide your clients is crucial to remain competitive.

A more streamlined, convenient, and tailored experience for customers can be yours with just a few simple steps:

- Maintain contact with customers by sending them valuable, tailored messaging.

- Learn from customer feedback how to enhance the customer experience and demonstrate that you value their thoughts.

- Get back to clients right away if they have any questions. It is acceptable to state that you are unsure and will investigate the matter more; nonetheless, you should respond promptly.

- On essential occasions, such as birthdays or one-year anniversaries of doing business with you, check in with clients and send small gifts to show how much you care. You can also offer personalized discounts.

Repeatedly attending to these details improves the client service you provide. And happier consumers lead to more high-star reviews on Google.

What is the best way to respond to reviews?

Effectively managing your online reputation involves proactively responding to online reviews. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook this opportunity to engage with customers and showcase their perspectives. Neglecting to respond means they miss a chance to demonstrate genuine care for their customers and future business.

Responding to every online review, whether positive or negative, sends a powerful message to the world: every customer is crucial, and their feedback matters. When faced with negative feedback, responding promptly provides an opportunity to rectify the situation and potentially salvage the customer relationship, fostering repeat business and loyalty. It also showcases your professionalism and commitment to addressing issues head-on.

Even when you receive positive reviews, taking the time to respond is valuable. It allows you to reinforce your relationship with satisfied customers, express appreciation for their feedback, and create a positive image of your customer service. Personalizing your response goes beyond generic thanks, demonstrating a sincere and meaningful customer engagement.

The promptness of your response is essential, particularly for positive reviews. While an immediate reply isn't necessary, waiting no more than 24 hours ensures that your appreciation is timely and enhances the overall customer experience.

Addressing negative reviews requires careful consideration. Before responding, consult trusted advisors with business experience to ensure a measured and thoughtful approach. If your business made a mistake, acknowledge it sincerely and apologize. Make it clear that the error does not align with your high standards and offer to make amends.

In situations where ulterior motives may drive negative reviews, reply authentically without compromising your integrity. Respond professionally and politely, resisting the urge to engage in a public dispute. Express regret for any misunderstanding and encourage further discussion offline. This approach preserves your business's reputation and demonstrates your commitment to resolving issues and maintaining customer satisfaction. The time invested in crafting thoughtful responses contributes to a positive digital marketing return on investment, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

Why choose Demandforce for reputation management services?

Choosing Demandforce for reputation management services is a strategic decision. Demandforce offers a seamlessly integrated platform that combines reputation management with other essential business tools, such as appointment scheduling, communication services, and online marketing. This integration ensures a holistic approach to managing your online presence. Demandforce simplifies collecting and managing reviews by automating the review collection system. This saves businesses time and ensures a consistent and systematic approach to gathering customer feedback across various online platforms.