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National Pet Day: Celebrating Our Companions

Pets not only brighten up our lives and provide us comfort, they love us unconditionally and are cherished members of the family. April 11 is National Pet Day, a great time to show some extra love to our animal companions and support the many pets still searching for their fur-ever homes.

You may already recognize a few of these slobbery faces from social media, but we couldn’t resist giving our Demandforce pups another shout out for this special holiday made just for them.

Charlie is a sweet Queensland Heeler mix that was adopted nearly two years ago by Roma who manages the Demandforce Sync Support Team. Every night when Charlie hears the last person brush their teeth, she runs to bed and waits to be tucked in for the night. How precious is that?

Luna was rescued by integration team member Jonathan and is most likely a husky-Australian Shepard mix, but no one knows for sure. Luna has heterochromia, which means that her eyes are two different colors! This genetic difference which is most common in Welsh Corgis, Dalmatians, Border Collies, Great Danes, and Huskies like Luna, also appears in humans.

Our Content Marketing Manager, Melody rescued Jack five years ago and he’s been spoiled with belly rubs ever since. The energetic Jack Russell Terrier mix spends the weekdays at his grandparent’s house playing with his two best friends who happen to be German Shepherds.

This extremely photogenic pup loves to pose for pictures and is always fighting for the spotlight. Puglo is overly affectionate and will play with anyone who’s willing. Puglo’s owner, Anthony started working as a Tech Support Rep for Full Slate just six months ago. Welcome to the team!

National Pet Day - Puglo

To hear more about our lovable pets, follow us on Instagram at @Demandforce4animals.

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