Marketing must-haves for your small business in 2020

There are certain digital marketing trends that your business has probably been ignoring, but can no longer afford to in the year 2020. This year, 15% of small business owners admitted to struggling with marketing and advertising. If you’re a small business owner that doesn’t know where to begin, the best route to take is to choose a professional.

In 2017, the most popular strategies involved Artificial Intelligence, Instagram Marketing, Machine Learning, and Brand Strategy. As you plan for 2020, you can look at the types of strategies competitors in your industry are embracing to give you a better idea of the areas you should focus your marketing dollars. However, if you want to remain competitive, here are three areas your small business must have covered in 2020.

Voice search optimization

In the past 12 months, 76% of consumers ages 18 to 34 used voice search to find information for a local business. Additionally, 64% of consumers ages 35 to 54 did the same. If these consumers are part of your business’s core demographic, including keywords that match voice searches in your content is imperative for your online presence. It’s a completely different ball game when compared to web search for one big reason: it responds to a query from the user with a single, definitive result. Even if the user bounces back asking for a new result from their voice search, is your brand setup to have a chance at being their voice search result? Update your business listing profiles with long-tail keywords that reflect questions customers might ask regarding your business to get found through voice search.

Marketing automation

Whether it’s for accounting, data entry, email marketing, customer communications, or any number of business processes, successful entrepreneurs are achieving more with less because of automation. Your full-time employees have their plates full, so bringing in a marketing software that can streamline some of their tasks will help them point their productivity elsewhere.

Confirming appointments, sending automated review requests, and maintaining your online business listings can all be done with technology. The right online marketing tools come with  Customer Success teams to help you get the most out of your software. With the help of these tools and a point person on your team, you shouldn’t have to make an additional hire to maintain the automation that was setup during onboarding.

Social media and Influencer marketing

As mentioned, Instagram Marketers have been in high-demand most likely because Instagram is the perfect channel to tell your brand’s story, get seen by prospective clients, and increase conversions in a strategic way. Your small business’s call-to-action could be to make an appointment, sign up for a class, or to purchase your brand’s merchandise on your website. Whatever it may be, your Instagram presence should be a strategic mix of engagement and sales, and a social media consultant can develop a plan that’s tailored to your business, industry and core demographic. When there’s 3.1 billion social media users, it’s safe to say that social media is a relevant and powerful tool.

Planning for a six to eight month contract with a consultant for the 2020 year could help you stay within your outlined budget. It will also give your business the leverage it needs to bring in new clients, as well as keep the current ones returning. These marketing strategies are our top three, but it’s important to discuss your needs with a professional so they can create the right plan for your small business.

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