Manage Your Business on the Go in Just 4 Easy Steps

COVID-19 compelled many businesses to change how they operate. Your business may have temporarily shut down or adjusted operating hours for a period of time. Although you may not always be physically present at your workplace, critical communications must continue. The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic required many business owners to revamp their communications process. 

Businesses need to find new ways to stay in contact with employees and clients, especially when working remotely. The Demandforce Mobile App is the perfect tool that can help you adapt to continuing business change. Here are four ways to manage your business remotely using the app–during the COVID-19 era and beyond.

#1: Text With Your Clients

Texting has become #1 preferred communication method for many people. With high open rates that can reach up to 98 percent, you can rest assured that your text messages will gain your clients’ attention. With texting, you can empower clients to reach out to your business at their convenience. Instead of having to place clients on hold, you can respond to incoming texts quickly and support multiple conversations at once.

The Demandforce Mobile App makes it easy to text back and forth with clients. Plus, you have full access to client details, new appointment requests, and confirmed appointments via the app even when working remotely.

#2: Keep Critical Information At Your Fingertips

Wherever you are–at work or at home–you need access to critical information is important. With the Demandforce Mobile App, you get a comprehensive view of client details, including past appointment history, upcoming appointments, billing history, insurance information, and more. This insight lets you add a personal touch to each conversation. Begin each client interaction with all of the details that you need to quickly and confidently help the client. And quick access to client details saves you and your clients valuable time during every interaction.

#3: Automate Your Schedule

Many businesses are still relying on their office staff to make appointment reminder and confirmation phone calls. You don’t need to relegate your staff to tedious, manual scheduling practices that slow down your operations. Instead, rely on the Demandforce Mobile App to help automate your business. With the app, you can eliminate repetitive tasks like calling to confirm appointments. Simply send out automated appointment reminders and receive notifications every time a client confirms, reschedules, or requests a new appointment.

#4: Send Engaging Emails 

Email marketing remains an excellent way to reach your clients. According to recent data, nearly 80% of marketers have seen email engagement rates climb in recent years. Plus, the return on investment (ROI) across industries averaged $44 for every $1 spent. How can you capitalize on the power of email marketing to reach your clients? Create segmented lists based on specific criteria to deliver the right messages to the right audiences. Sending clients highly relevant emails increases the odds that they will engage and follow up with you. Ensure each email features strong visual appeal and a compelling call-to-action. Tip: speed up the email creation process with pre-written email templates.

Keep your business running on the go no matter where you are with the Demandforce Mobile App. Due to COVID-19, many businesses have turned to digital communication tools to help stay in touch with clients. Now with our mobile app, you can stay connected, keep your calendar full and continue safely operating your business.

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