Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Salons and Spas

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for your salon or spa to drive traffic to your business using email marketing campaigns. Keep your customers coming back this February with any of these 10 last minute Valentine’s Day-themed email promotions.

1. Skip the flowers, give her what she really wants 

A gift card! This is perfect for a buyer in a time crunch. If they spend $200 or more, throw in a goodie bag or gift basket to complete the gift. 

2. Couples package 

This is great for spas who offer couples massages. Expand the package to include 1-2 more services, plus a chocolate and a glass of champagne to set the romantic mood. 

3. Valentine’s Day blow outs

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic couples – it’s for love of any kind! Encourage your clients to bring in a friend for a blowout on 2/14 for 20% off their service.

4. Valentine’s-inspired hair color 

If your salon specializes in color, this is a great time to send an email with images of your vibrant red, balayage, ombre, or pink hair color work. Pair it with a promotion for clients to get a deal on any color technique when they opt for red or pink.

5. Buy one-get one promotions 

This classic promotion always gets client attention. Offer a complimentary gift bag of samples when they buy a service, or 50% off a treatment when they come in for a haircut.

6. Spread the love with any red nail service

Most clients love to have their nails done for this loving holiday. Give them a discount when they use any shade of red for their manicure or pedicure.

7. Valentine’s Day glam package

Some clients go all out for this historic date night. Create a bundle of three popular services and offer a special price that’s about $10-$25 cheaper than if they chose these items a la carte. 

8. Valentine’s Day bounce back

If you’re having trouble retaining your clients, this strategy is perfect. Encourage them to schedule an appointment for 2/10 or 2/11 for 25% off their next visit. An easy way to track it is to write the promo on their receipt and have them bring their receipt on the second visit. Be sure to include an expiration date so they come back soon!

9. Skin glow special 

Your loyal facial clients will love this promo. Offer them a free service that promotes one of your new skin technologies if they book a facial during February. This will make them feel like a VIP, promote your new service, and bring in traffic during a slower week.

10. Partner up with another small business

It’s great when local vendors stick together. Find a cupcake shop nearby and propose a promotion that brings business to both of you. Any customer who shows a receipt from the cupcake shop during the month of February can get 15% off their service, and vice versa.

Don’t have an email marketing solution yet? Our Campaign Studio feature is a great email builder that offers branded, seasonal and topical email templates, as well as text, layout, and color customizations. You can also upload industry-specific images from our gallery, or choose from your own collection, and create audience segments that can be saved for future use.

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    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂