How Intelligent Reviews Can Boost Your Online Presence

Intelligent Reviews: New updates that benefit your business

Surprisingly, in 2021, consumers still find themselves at a dead-end when searching for a specific business. Your business’s online reputation continues to be paramount to the success of your bottom line. The foundation of your online reputation is built on client reviews on the sites that matter most to your business. This means going beyond Yelp and sending reviews to Google, WebMD, Healthgrades, and more. How you manage online reviews will determine the success of your business. Demandforce recently expanded our Intelligent Reviews feature, giving you 100% control of where you send your reviews!

Manage your reviews with more control

Take control of your online reputation by managing which review sites you want your client reviews sent to. Intelligent Reviews gives you full control to focus reviews obtained from automatic review requests on any combination of review sites you want. For example, you can decide what percentage of reviews to allocate to sites like Google, WebMD, Healthgrades, and more. With the flexibility of Intelligent Reviews, you can change how you’d like to allocate reviews for your growing business. 

Grow your business with an expanded reputation

As you disperse reviews across several review sites, you’ll increase your chances of new clients discovering your business. More often than not, potential clients read your reviews on multiple sites before they decide to give you their business. By directing reviews to the sites that matter most, you can maintain a good star rating. Start by distributing reviews on sites with few or zero reviews to ensure each site has recent reviews and to attract more business.

Improving your online reputation is simple when you take control of your client reviews and manage which review sites they are allocated to. Attract potential clients when they search your business and secure their business by maintaining new, positive reviews on multiple sites. Our enhanced  Intelligent Reviews feature will assist you in building a positive online reputation through 2021 and beyond. 

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