How to Virtually Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Show employees that you appreciate their hard work by celebrating Employee Appreciation Day, which falls on March 5th this year! To ensure the safety of your employees and customers, it’s a good idea to find virtual methods to say thanks. One way to celebrate your employees is by streamlining office tasks and giving them back more time in their day.

Why Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee appreciation builds the foundation for a thriving company culture. A positive company culture helps employees forge stronger bonds with each other. As a result, employee job satisfaction and engagement will increase. Engaged employees feel proud of where they work and know that their efforts contribute to something that matters.

Appreciation also helps boost productivity and motivates employees to work harder. For some employees, you can show appreciation by giving them more responsibility. However, try not to pile tasks on all of your employees. Take the time to find out which employees view more challenging work as a sign of appreciation.

Other employees may find value in cultivating health and well-being. For those employees, wellness initiatives can be a great way to show appreciation. Offering motivational exercise challenges or self-care opportunities will be meaningful to these employees.

For others, team connections are what matters most. Find opportunities to merge appreciation and team building to foster relationship building. Employees who feel connected are often more motivated to help their team succeed.

3 Virtual Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Instead of group social gatherings, plan virtual celebrations for Employee Appreciation Day. Virtual events can help people feel connected even if they’re not in the same location. Here are three virtual ideas to say thanks to your employees.

Deliver Lunch to Employees

Who doesn’t love a delicious mid-day meal? You can give employees that welcome gift by having lunch delivered to their home or office. Before you send lunch to employees, make sure to consider any dietary restrictions or preferences. Turn this into a team-building opportunity by hosting a virtual get-together while employees enjoy their lunch.

Host a Virtual Employee Appreciation Night

Many employee relationships are built during after-hours get-togethers. Why not host a virtual Employee Appreciation night for employees? Set a time and choose an activity or two that people can enjoy together virtually. A team movie night is a great way to bond. So is a game night. You can host a one-time employee appreciation event or set up regular team activities!

Send eCards to Your Staff

Need a simple, low-cost way to show employees that you appreciate them? Send eCards to your team! You can find many websites that offer free or inexpensive eCards. Many of them offer easy bulk sending, which can help you make eCards a part of your routine. Create personalized notes to let employees know you value their individual contributions.

Bonus Idea: Streamline Workflow with Demandforce

Show employees that they matter by eliminating tedious administrative tasks. Using automation, you can streamline employees’ day-to-day tasks. Our all-in-one solution can automate email outreach, appointment reminders, recall messaging, and more.

Instead of spending hours on these tasks, employees can focus on higher-value activities. They will have more opportunities to hone skills and better serve your business. Marketing automation also benefits your bottom line by increasing productivity for your business.

Show Employes How Much You Appreciate Them

Employee Appreciation Day is a perfect time to let your team know how much you value all their hard work. Focusing on employee appreciation increases employee engagement and retention. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to work hard and go the extra mile for your business.

You don’t need to wait until life returns to normal to show your team they matter. Simple virtual ideas–like delivering lunch to employees, hosting an after-hours event, or sending eCards–can have a big impact. Also, introduce automation solutions that can help save your employees valuable time.

Every step you take to show appreciation can elevate the employee experience. A positive culture makes employees feel proud and happy to work for you. Everyone wins when employees feel appreciated!

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