How to send an effective email using our NEW Campaign Studio

2019 has been an exciting year in the Demandforce Product Lab! This summer we launched the easy-to-use Campaign Studio, a creative portal that gives your business the tools it needs to send an effective email without breaking a sweat. Campaign Studio offers branded, seasonal and topical email templates, as well as text, layout, and color customizations. You can also upload industry-specific images from our gallery, or choose from your own collection, and create audience segments that can be saved for future use. 

It’s time to move away from our original Newsletter creator, and enhance your email marketing with our robust and user-friendly Campaign Studio. Here’s how.

Getting started

Once you’ve logged into your Demandforce Portal, in the main navigation on the left, expand the ‘Marketing’ menu to see ‘Campaigns.’ A dropdown of your three Studio options will appear:


  • Visualize your business’ success with graphs and charts that focus on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your emails. This includes historical data from the original Newsletter creator you’ve been using. You have the freedom to choose your date range, search by campaign name, and download a spreadsheet of your business’s email KPIs.


  • Spark your creativity with our Campaign Builder. The remaining sections of this blog post will go into full details on how to create simple and effective email campaigns that drive revenue for your business.


  • Stay organized with a complete view of your email drafts, scheduled or recurring emails, and sent emails. For emails that are still being drafted, you can edit or delete that message while in your Portfolio. If they’ve been sent already, you’ll get a brief overview of that campaign’s performance.

Designing your campaign with simple or custom templates

Once you and your team have planned what email you want to send, and to who, it’s time to head to your Builder! The first thing you’ll see is a variety of templates. Our mission was to give you a lot of creative options to choose from, whether you want to educate your clients, build your online reputation, drive traffic with a promotion, or wish your customers well for the holidays. 

You can also create a custom HTML template from scratch, but our pre-built templates are very flexible. You can adjust content, move modules up or down, delete modules that you don’t need as well as add new modules that you want. 

After you’ve chosen your template, be sure to name your email so you can reference it easily in your Performance Reports later. This is for internal-use only, and won’t be seen by your email recipients. Your subject line, however, will be seen, so make sure it’s enticing enough to gain an email open!

Choosing email recipients

Once you’ve designed your email to perfection, your next step is to choose your recipients. Remember: you don’t always have to send to everyone on your mailing list. You’ll actually get better email results if you segment and target a specific audience. 

The Campaign Builder allows you to filter by one simple criteria of your intended audience, or go into more detail and create your own criteria that includes several audience attributes. If you end up creating an audience criteria that you know you’ll be sending to frequently, the Campaign Builder allows you to save that criteria for future use! This update is all about working smarter, not harder.

If you have a new list of email subscribers that you just received – maybe from a recent event, for example – don’t worry! You can upload that list as a CSV file during this step, just click ‘Use My Own Recipient List.’

Sending or scheduling your email delivery

There is an art to sending the right message at the right time, and the Campaign Builder supports that! If your campaign is approved by the team, but it’s not the right time for your audience to receive it – simply schedule the email by choosing the date and the time of day you want the email to be sent.

If you created an email that would work best if it recurred, then check ‘This is a recurring campaign.’ This will save the content and the chosen audience, and send during the frequency you choose. You can even select an end date that you want the campaign to stop recurring if your message won’t be relevant after a certain amount of time.

Then, click Send!

Our new Campaign Studio was built largely with your feedback in mind. Enjoy its simplicity, and feel free to comment below with any feedback you have!

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    Nicole Hoffman
    4 years ago

    How do we update DemandForce to have access to the new Campaign Studio?