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How to Make Your Business More Eco-Friendly for Earth Day

Every April 22 an estimated 1 billion people around the world celebrate Earth Day by spreading awareness of environmental issues and vowing to protect the planet. The celebration unifies people from over 192 countries who take part in marches, sign petitions, volunteer, and pledge to live more sustainably. These are a few easy changes your business can make to reduce your environmental impact this Earth Day.

Give customers a special promotion

Nearly half of the U.S. population lives in a place that doesn’t meet the federal air quality standards. Greenhouse gasses not only promote climate change, but also pose extreme health risks and premature death. Send out an exclusive promotion for products or services just for customers who arrive to your business by public transportation, bike, or electric vehicle.

Switch to eco-friendly products

Consumers are very aware of what they’re spending their money on and prefer full transparency with businesses. Begin using recycled paper and biodegradable water cups and opt for earth-friendly product alternatives when available. Hair salons can switch to organic or nontoxic hair products to keep damaging chemicals from entering the ecosystem and recycle materials such as leftover hair color and foil with services like Green Circle Salons. Hair salons and Dental practices can also become green certified to gain recognition and stand out amongst competitors.

Make a donation or pledge

There are many remarkable non-profits that are fighting for a more sustainable future. From protecting endangered species and ending plastic pollution to promoting green cities, there is an organization that’s in line with your business values. Give a percentage of proceeds to an environmentally-friendly cause or create a pledge with your team such as reducing single use plastics. Businesses can put up signs and announce on social media that a portion of certain services are going to a good cause. For example, you could donate one dollar of every teeth whitening service to Save The Water or One Tree Planted.  

Sponsor a green event

Organize a green event just for your team or invite the community to join your efforts. Planting trees, creating a community garden, or cleaning up a local park, beach, or highway, are just a few ideas. If you don’t want to organize a project from scratch, you can sponsor an existing project, or have your team join one of the environmentally-focused events in your city.

Raise awareness

Remember to take photos of what your team is doing to go green for Earth Day and share them on social media. Use the hashtags #EarthDay and #EarthDayEveryday on posts to increase engagement. A blog article or email campaign can also help drive awareness to the cause as well as your business.

You can actually save money, protect the planet, and promote your business at the same time by making a few eco-friendly changes. Even if all you do is swap the bottled water that you give to customers for a refillable water dispenser—with biodegradable or recycled cups of course—just imagine all the plastics you’ll keep out of the landfill every year!

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