How COVID-19 impacts customer experience

For the past three months everything about the way we run our businesses has been upended. The customer experience has changed in light of COVID-19. People are working from home, ordering in, using curb-side pick-up, and turning to telemedicine, digital communication has taken center stage as the new standard form of communication.

For the success of your business, it’s important to understand that digital communication is here to remain as the connective tissue between you and your customers. Here are some things to consider about the shift in customer experience, and how you might optimize your business for success in the wake of this change. 

Customers are growing accustomed to digital communication

Many states have put face-to-face business interactions on hold by closing down or limiting their economies. As a result, the need for customers to communicate with businesses online has become the standard of communication. Customers are shopping online more often and will expect an enhanced digital experience.

Telemedicine is a good solution that provides an enhanced patient experience. Moving forward, many patients may prefer telemedicine over in-person appointments, and they will require a seamlessly executed virtual appointment. 

More personalized customer relationships

Another point to consider is how personalized customer relationships have emerged as of recent. Because both businesses and customers are experiencing the pandemic together, communication has never been more free flowing. Business owners have taken a tailored approach to communicating with their customers, and have become more accessible as they’ve worked through the transition to more online business.

Customers will expect the same level of communication post-pandemic. Demandforce Live is an indispensable desktop application that facilitates real-time notifications and personalized communication. In combination with Appointment Requests and Confirmations, your staff can respond and initiate Two-Way Text Messages instantly.

Customer Trust

Customers are paying attention to how your business is responding to the current pandemic. They are looking for businesses who are empathetic, trustworthy, and human. Earning customer trust now helps build a stronger connection in the future. Build trust by being sensitive in your tone and timing. Consider an email campaign focused on building trust by reaching out to genuinely help customers, rather than trying to make a sale.

If you’re able to donate a small percentage of your sales to a local or national food bank, your customers will see that you truly care about those who have taken significant financial blows. Recognize your customer’s financial struggle by sending an email offering a free virtual or in-person consultation, or a discount if they schedule a salon or spa appointment this month. Remember, customers are paying attention, and it’s more important to appear authentic and not self-serving. 

The old adage goes: “the customer is always right.” As we move through the pandemic and businesses tailor to customer’s needs, the expectation for accessibility and an honest relationship with customers will continue to grow. Value your customers now, and they will value your business in the future.

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