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How an Online Booking widget can generate more appointments

Adding Online Booking to your website is an easy way to improve your web presence and generate more appointment requests. This post will break down what an Online Booking widget is and how to use one to grow your business while freeing up your staff’s time.

How does Online Booking work?

Online Booking allows your business to generate appointment requests online and accept new appointments around the clock. This system empowers clients to self-schedule appointments at their convenience. Clients can easily schedule an appointment by choosing an available time slot directly from your calendar online. What’s great about this booking system is its flexibility to your specific needs.

Online Booking makes it possible for your business to customize and improve the accuracy of the entire booking experience. The process is customizable from the moment your clients click to request an appointment, to confirming the booking in your management system. With fully customizable settings, you can create and manage:

  • New and existing client bookings
  • Recall booking options
  • General calendar blocks like Holiday closures
  • Provider-specific calendar blocks

Custom settings produce a more accurate and efficient appointment booking workflow specific to your business and its clients. The efficiency of using this service doesn’t stop there. You can optimize this feature and increase the number of bookings you get by adding a Booking widget to your website, business listings, and social media channels.

What is an Online Booking widget?

An Online Booking widget is clickable button on your site that will link clients to your booking page. You can increase your web presence by embedding your calendar widget on your website, social channels, and listings sites like Google My Business and Yelp. Clients can book an appointment based on availability using the intuitive calendar widget that’s fully integrated with your management system. When clients click on the button, they will be redirected to your online booking calendar where they can choose a service and available appointment slot.

How to add a booking widget to your website

Whether you hired someone to build your website or use a website builder like WordPress, it’s easy to embed a booking widget. Simply copy the widget code from the Custom Booking Sources section on your portal. Then all you need to do is copy/paste the widget code to embed the button on your website. That’s all there is to it!

How to use the Booking widget

Existing or prospective clients can request to book an appointment from the available appointment slots displayed on your calendar. This calendar is automatically synced from your management system appointment data, as well as settings configured within your portal. This makes it possible for clients to book new appointments without waiting to speak with your staff during office hours.

The Booking Center is where you can create and manage booking settings including Booking Reasons. Clients can select the booking reason from the menu of options that you create in the portal. View and manage your real-time availability, analyze your booking request statistics, and manage booking requests. The Booking Center also provides insights that will help you track the growth of your business.

When a booking comes in you will instantly receive an automated email notification. Through the Booking Center, you can accept, reschedule, flag for review, delete requests and message clients as needed.

Benefits of having a booking widget on your website

Adding a booking widget to your website gives clients direct access to your booking page, even outside of your business hours. This allows your clients to book appointments 24/7, which will significantly enhance your client experience. A positive client experience is key to your success. The more convenient you make it for clients to access your services, the more likely they will be to schedule future appointments. A booking widget will reduce friction and make it easier for clients to book appointments.

The best way to optimize the use of a booking widget is to embed your widget on your website and social media pages. When you add an Online Booking widget to your social media pages you can increase your web presence through those channels. You’ll attract new clients and convert more traffic directly to your booking page. You can even embed the button in an email as a call to action when you send out your regular email campaigns.

A booking widget provides a variety of customizable options which will benefit businesses across all industries. Here are some industry-specific examples.

Medical Practices

Adjust your booking reason settings to only allow certain patients to book specific appointment types. For example, you can allow new and returning patients to book urgent care appointments. You also have the flexibility to only allow returning patients to book appointments for specific procedures. This way your providers will have a better grasp on the patients they are seeing in a given day and have the necessary intake forms completed well in advance . By reducing in-office paperwork, you’ll free up team members to focus on patients who are already in your practice.

Veterinarian Practices

Clients bringing in their dog for their bordetella shot can choose that specific service from the services menu on your online widget. A booking widget can also help convert new client appointments when you embed it to websites like Yelp and Google My Business. In addition to this, by adding the widget to your social media pages, you will make it easy for new clients to book an appointment.

Salon and Spa

When clients are scheduling a salon or spa appointment, you can create a menu of services for them to choose from. A client can choose between services like a manicure, pedicure, haircut, blow-dry, etc. through this automated system without having to involve your team. Appointment management can get even more specific by allowing your client to select the technician they wish to book with. 

The Online Booking widget will have a positive influence on the growth of your business. You’ll enhance your online presence while streamlining the booking process. The variety of customizable settings makes scheduling more convenient for your clients. Free your staff from administrative tasks so they can focus on the in-office client experience.

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