Holiday strategy: Generate engagement with updated listings

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s important to keep customers in the loop about your business updates. One important strategy for the season is to update your business hours on listing sites. Whether your business is going to close for a specific holiday, or extend your hours, it’s crucial to update your online business listings.

Customers who are well informed of your business updates appreciate your commitment to top-level communication, and they are sure to continue doing business with you. 

Why it’s important to update your hours

During this pandemic customer’s continue to show that they are more willing to do business with those who prioritize communication. First-rate communication has become an expectation. Inaccurate business information is one of the main factors that cause customers to lose trust in a business when searching online.

By forgetting to update your business hours, you run the risk of misleading your customers and potential new customers. This type of neglect to your listings may lead clients to arrive at your business only to find that it is closed. The last thing you want is to lose potential revenue to a competitor from something as simple as not keeping your listing up-to-date.

Add special holiday content

The holiday season generates a boost to the economy for most industries. This year’s holiday season is an especially important time for businesses to endure the unknown economic swings ahead. It is vital for your business that you take advantage of any and all opportunities to generate customer engagement with your products and services.

With the holiday season approaching, it’s a great time to add seasonal content to your online listings. Special holiday promotions, events, and images add a feeling of warmth and festivity to your listings that will drive engagement. This will also demonstrate to new potential customers that your listings are regularly updated, which will nourish the trust you build with customers.

Update multiple listings at once

It can be overwhelming to update all of your online listings, especially during the busy holiday season. Luckily, Demandforce has a solution that can bulk update 50+ business listings all at once. This ensures the accuracy of all your online business listings throughout the holidays. Check the accuracy of your online listing today:

When your listings are up-to-date, you continue to invest in building customer trust. The current pandemic has emphasized the importance of customer communication and raised the bar for customer expectations. Adding holiday content to your listings elevates your business to the next level by helping you stay current with customers.

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