Automated Insurance Check for Vision Care

Save your front office 10 hours per week by eliminating the need to search for your patient’s insurance eligibility and benefits with an automated insurance check.

When an appointment is set, Insurance Check automatically does the rest

Verify patient’s insurance carrier

Automatically access and verify a patient’s insurance coverage across multiple providers like Davis, Eyemed, Spectra, VSP, and more.

See patient appointments and insurance verification

When an appointment is set, an insurance check will automatically run in the background – you can then view your entire patient appointment list for the day and their insurance eligibility.

View patient appointments and insurance status

With every patient record in the appointment dashboard, it will indicate if they are eligible, partially eligible, or not eligible for insurance benefits.

Access patient eligibility benefits

Confirm a patient’s benefit eligibility status up to 75% faster than before and view which benefits are available or expired.

View patient dependent information

Identify who the patient's dependents are and schedule them in for more family booking opportunities.