Finding the Best Time to Send Communications

The short answer: it depends. But we’re here to offer the detailed answer! Finding the best time to send an email or text to your customers depends on the message you’re sending – no matter what industry you are in. Some messages are more timely, while other messages can wait for the most optimal day and time of the week for your audience.

For marketing or educational content that doesn’t need to be sent right away, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10-11AM have proven to be the most optimal. Automated, transactional emails that are sent based on a client’s actions are more successful when they are timely.

Let’s dive in to more specific examples.

Thank You Emails

Thank You emails will never go out of style. And this is definitely one of the emails that needs to be timely versus sent on an optimal day. If your business is using an automation platform, this email should be setup to send within 24 hours after your client’s visit. 

And remember – utilize this email to include any important messages. Thank you emails have a 352% higher open rate than a traditional email campaign – they are extremely powerful! Maybe you have an event you want to promote, or a new blog you’re trying to boost readership for. Whatever your message is, make sure that you switch it up every month at least. If your Thank You emails always have the same messaging, customer’s won’t need to open them anymore because they already know what’s inside.

Review Requests

Managing your online reputation is a task with many jobs, but growing your online reviews can actually be automated. Though it is technically a timely email or text communication, you have the leeway to send it within 5 days after your customer’s appointment. This means you can and should follow the Tuesday or Thursday rule.

What’s great about online review requests is that sending them from either or both email and text is effective. The call-to-action of the message should link to the review site that needs the most love, and that experience will be smooth via mobile or desktop. But if you only want to choose one channel – we choose text. Keep reading to learn why.

Recall Messages

Part of building relationships with your customers is sending that friendly reminder to come back and see you. This is another marketing email or text message that should follow the Tuesday or Thursday rule because what’s most important is that your client reads the reminder. If you’ve upgraded to using a marketing software that sends text messages, those currently have a 98% open rate. Yes, 98% of the people you text actually read your message – especially because texts are required to be so short. Rarely will the eye not glance over 160 characters, particularly when the message is from a business they have a relationship with.

Finally, possibly the most important question: when don’t you want to send a communication? The weekend. Do your best to steer clear of Friday because in the world of communications, it might as well be the weekend!

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