Enhance your online exposure with listing management

The accuracy of your online business listings, along with their completeness, directly affects how well your listings generate client engagement. Today’s customers need more than just basic information from a listing to decide if they want to entrust you with their business. But 56% of local businesses have not even claimed their free listing on Google!

When listings are left with fields missing, your clients are left wanting more information. A listing rich in content that includes photos, videos, reviews, and links to social media sites, can receive up to 61% more engagement. It has become more difficult to gain exposure during the pandemic in an uncertain economy. That’s why it’s vital to get the full impact out of your business listings with rich content and up-to-date information. Here are some tips to help you build listings rich in content and  generate client engagement. 

Name, address, phone number 

When listing your business, it’s important that your basic information is up-to-date and accurate. Data aggregators that put your information onto business listing websites may not always be accurate if you’re not keeping this information up-to-date. Inaccurate information grabbed by data aggregators can push away potential clients who attempt to call or visit your business.

Business description

This is often the first body of text that clients read when they search for specific services or products. Take advantage of this limited space with updated information regarding the precautions your business is taking in response to the pandemic. Clients feel safer doing business with you if they know what to expect, and what steps you’re taking to ensure in-office safety. If precautions aren’t acknowledged, they could assume you’re not taking any steps and move on to another business. 

Link to social pages

When a client has access to your social media pages, you have an opportunity to show how you and your staff engage with your clients. This window into your business culture can be the deciding factor for someone who is considering giving you their business. It’s also crucial to link back to your website, to further streamline the client experience and make it easier for clients to book an appointment. Both of these channels are additional areas where your pandemic precautions should be mentioned.

Photos and videos

Similar to social media pages, listings have evolved into another medium for businesses to showcase their company culture. Photos and videos of your business are just as important to potential clients as an online review. You wouldn’t friend an account with no profile picture, and the same applies to business listings. Enrich your listings with photos of your clean facilities, happy staff, and satisfied clients. With photo and video content, you can take advantage of the opportunity to share positive client experiences.

Hours of operation

Most businesses have had to adjust their hours of operation in response to the pandemic. It’s important that you’ve updated your new business hours. If your business hours aren’t up-to-date, potential new clients who are not acquainted with your office may be misled thinking that you’re operating at pre-COVID hours. When a client is affected by misinformation on your listing, you will most likely lose their business altogether. It’s a good idea to include the date of when the hours of operation were updated last so it’s clear the information is current.

Client Reviews

Clients are always looking for word of mouth affirmations before purchasing a product or service. Today’s clients want to read the most recent reviews of your business, which is why it is so important to always ask returning clients to leave a review. Your star rating should be the deciding factor on where you’re pointing clients to leave a review. Spread out your online reputation efforts instead of focusing on one business listing site.

Keep listings updated with consistent, accurate information

It’s worth noting that 95% of consumers searching for a business online reported finding incorrect information. There’s nothing more disheartening than losing business because you neglected to keep your information current and consistent. That is an awful lot of potential business completely lost. With business listings in multiple places, it can be a challenge to keep them all updated and consistent. There are listing solutions, like ListingPro, that make this task simpler. It allows you to bulk-update 50+ listings all at once, and offers analytics on listing performance. 

Are your listings generating customer engagement? Are you leaving money on the table? We’ve made updating and maintaining your business listings easier with our listing management tool. Check the health of your online listing today: https://www.demandforce.com/scan-now2.

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