Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for 2020

Today is Employee Appreciation Day! Employees are essential to running a successful business and when you’re lucky to find the right employees for your business, it can be hard to imagine it without them. Showing employees they are appreciated is an effective way to reduce employee turnover and ultimately save both time and effort to recruit and train new employees.

The best way to keep your employees happy is to treat them well by regularly showing your appreciation year-round, not just one day a year. Here are a few ways you can acknowledge your team for Employee Appreciation Day as well as some ideas on how you can celebrate your employees throughout the year.

Create an inclusive environment where employees feel respected and heard

In order to show employees that you appreciate their hard work it’s important to first create a work environment where employees feel respected and heard. You always hear that communication is the most important aspect of any relationship — well the same is true about open communication at work. Letting your employees know that they can voice their concerns, ideas, or suggestions leads to more ways that your business can improve and grow.

Empower employee productivity with automation

Your employees help your business run smoothly, from managing clients to keeping you organized. Help them streamline day-to-day administrative tasks with marketing automation software. Automating client communication like email, appointment confirmation and reminders, and recall messaging saves your employees valuable time and increases productivity for your business.

Start an employee spotlight series

Create an employee spotlight by sharing a little bit about how the employee helps make your business run smoothly and a little known fact about them. Have your coworkers or supervisors nominate fellow employees and select someone to highlight each month throughout the year. You can choose to feature longtime employees, new hires, or employees in your company with interesting stories and backgrounds. These can be posted to Facebook using the Notes feature and you can even add a spotlight section to your business website.

Share the love on social media

There’s a number of things you can do on your social media channels aside from posting employee spotlights. You can acknowledge employees on their birthdays or work anniversaries, highlight special events, holiday celebrations, and lunch parties on social media. Not only does this make your employees feel appreciated and help your customers learn a little more about your staff, it also helps with recruitment efforts!

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