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Email Marketing For Small Business

Promote your business and stay top of mind with customers using our email campaign builder and fully-customizable templates for email marketing for small business.

Bring in more customers with personalized offers and newsletters by leveraging email marketing for small business.

Email Customization for email marketing for small business

Email Customization

Modify the text, layout, colors and images of pre-built templates or build your own from scratch using your own HTML.

Industry Specific Templates email marketing

Industry-Specific Templates

Choose from our library of images and templates created specifically for your industry.

Advanced Segmentation for email marketing

Advanced Segmentation

Create your own unique filter or send emails to specific groups based on age, gender, reviews, appointment status, and more.

Email Marketing Campaign Portfolio for small business

Campaign Portfolio

View a historical overview of all of your email campaigns, including Drafts, Sent and Scheduled.

Email Marketing Campaign Performance Monitoring

In-depth Campaign Performance monitoring

Get metrics like leads generated, appointments requested, and open rates displayed in a graph or table format to help inform your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing New Client Campaigns

New Client Campaigns

Reach potential new clients through email by allowing your business to upload a custom recipient list of clients who are not in your Management system.

Is your email campaign builder easy-to-use?

With an email marketing template builder like Campaign Studio from Demandforce, you can create, customize and send an email marketing campaign in a matter of minutes. Most tools, like Campaign Studio, offer a robust suite of basic templates with drop content blocks, images, and text that can be added and removed in just a few clicks. That said, you don’t need additional support staff or teams to create a great-looking email that will generate results.

What types of email messages can my business send to clients?

1. Taking advantage of health trends: When environmental factors affect our health, like flu or allergy season, clients want to hear from their medical professional on how to stay unaffected. Your business can become your client's health resource by sending a newsletter, and cementing the relationship by including your logo, brand colors, and contact info in the email.

2. Bring in past due clients with automated recall messaging: Clients need help staying consistent with their health, and it’s important your business be at the forefront of that effort. You can send your clients Recall Reminders via email to ensure the work you’ve both done so far doesn’t go to waste.

3. Understanding your different client segments for your communication approach Emails about a client's prescription lead us to an important step in email communications: Advanced Segmentation. Using your management software data, you can export a list of only the clients you want to target, for example those with a prescription expiring soon. Without segmentation, your email messaging may be irrelevant and potentially marked as spam.

4. Reaching out to clients to reduce the number of no-shows at your busienss: Clients who no-show are often the result of not receiving a reminder. You can set up automated email reminders to send at the best time for success. A good example is a Pre-Appointment email reminder that sends a couple of days before their appointment, and is optimized to include a ‘Confirm Appointment’ call-to-action button.

5. Adding personal touches to your communications to build a stronger relationship With the right marketing tool, sending personalized emails is easy. You can include custom tags like to draw more attention to your subject line in the inbox. These tags are also helpful when you’ve made changes to your business like moving to a new location. Including your address will ensure your information is always accurate and only needs to be updated once versus across several email communications.

What are the benefits of email marketing for small business?

1. Emails drive clients to take immediate action: An effective email campaign will contain a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is designed to prompt an immediate response, sale, or in many cases, an appointment request! With email, you can drive clients to take action by including links to your online booking pages or review sites if requesting a review.

2. Email marketing for small business is cost-effective: Email marketing is generally budget-friendly. In comparison to the many other traditional marketing techniques, it is relatively inexpensive AND has the highest return on investment of any other marketing channel. Unlike paid ads, you can send many campaigns to a large audience without incurring additional costs for each campaign. Additionally, with an all-in-one solution like Demandforce, you receive an email campaign builder and templates at no extra cost.

3. Email marketing for small business has a wide range of applications: You don’t always have to be selling to your clients, and in fact, that isn’t the strongest strategy for building client relationships. You can send clients updates to your business hours, current updates in your field, positive reviews from happy clients, product promotions, and relevant content to stay top of mind. Remember - your business holds value in the shape of knowledge, and sharing that knowledge is the best way to keep your client engagement high via email marketing.

4. Email marketing for small business is measurable: With any marketing channel, it’s crucial to understand how well your campaigns are performing. Demandforce enables you to quickly measure the success of your campaigns with insights like leads generated, appointments requested, and open rates. Use these powerful metrics to further optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns and drive even better results in the future.

Does your email template builder allow you to customize the audience type?

Sending the right message to the right clients is beneficial to them and to your email efforts. With email marketing for small business, you can and should target clients based on a set of criteria that you determine. As a best practice, instead of creating one mass email for all of your clients, implement a more personalized tactic fueled by client data. For example, with Campaign Studio, you can target clients based on purchase history to drive meaningful engagement. You can also win back clients by targeting clients who haven’t made an appointment in a year.

What is the pricing for Demandforce and the email marketing software?

To learn more about our email marketing for small business feature, and other services/tools Demandforce offers, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. Call us at 800.246.9853 or fill out our form and we’ll respond within one business day.