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10 Creative Dermatology Marketing Ideas To Attract New Patients

A growing dermatology practice is a healthy one. But how do you find new patients when you’re busy providing outstanding care to the ones you have? 

The key is a strong dermatology marketing plan that reaches the people who need your services. And it doesn’t have to take over your practice! With these dermatology marketing ideas, you can connect with new patients while keeping up with your current responsibilities.

Win New Patients With These 10 Dermatology Marketing Ideas

Great dermatology marketing ideas are concrete and actionable, even for the busiest dermatologist. Here are 10 that won’t break the bank or your schedule while still putting your practice in front of more prospective patients.

1. Implement a Search Engine Optimization Strategy

According to Think With Google, 77% of patients search online before scheduling an appointment with a doctor. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you appeal to Google’s algorithms, giving you a better chance of appearing in search results.

Google prioritizes valuable and authoritative websites, especially in a market like healthcare, where someone’s life is on the line. When you earn Google’s trust and appear higher on those search pages, you get more clicks

Start optimizing your website using words and phrases your patients would use to search for a provider. That includes conditions you treat and procedures you perform. Link back to your website from your other online locations, such as your Google profile and third-party review sites, and add helpful content whenever possible. These dermatology marketing ideas are your first steps because they have long-term benefits.

2. Leverage Automated Email Marketing

Great dermatology marketing ideas all come back to one thing — sending the right message at the right time. Email marketing can accomplish that goal, primarily because of email’s personal and immediate nature. And with automated email tools, it’s even easier to send relevant messages.

Automated email campaigns work via digital “tags” you attach to a subscriber’s account. You can easily add these tags when someone signs up for your email list or calls for information. Even if they’re not ready to book, you can add them to your email list with their permission.

Once you’ve added someone to your list and tagged them as a potential patient, that tag will trigger specific relevant messages at pre-determined times. For example, you might set up your system to send follow-up emails a week, a month, and two months after the person contacts your practice.

Maintaining that kind of sequence manually would be prohibitively time-consuming. With automation, it happens behind the scenes with no extra work from your team.

3. Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Dermatology marketing ideas are about creating a great first impression, and your practice website will be that first impression with many customers. Creating a professional-looking website that’s simple to navigate reinforces your care for patients’ experience and comfort.

Your site should make it easy for visitors to find what they want, such as your hours or accepted insurance plans. Your contact information and location should be particularly prominent. And because people will often be looking for you on the go, it needs to be just as easy to view on mobile.

4. Start a Referral Program

Recommendations carry a lot of weight for a sensitive service such as healthcare. As a dermatologist, you may already get patient referrals from primary care physicians. Keep those referrals coming by maintaining good professional relationships and providing top-quality care to your referred patients.

Expand your physician referral network by contacting general practitioners and other specialists. Send them materials describing what you do and what conditions you treat. Include patient testimonials and any data regarding patient outcomes.

Finally, don’t leave patient referrals off your list of dermatology marketing ideas. Ask patients to recommend your practice to friends and family, providing them with a business card or brochure to share. You can’t ethically offer incentives, but you can show verbal or written appreciation.

5. Rack Up Positive Online Reviews

Reviews aren’t new to the list of dermatology marketing ideas, but they’re more accessible and more important than ever to patients. According to one study, 71% of patients start with review sites when looking for a new doctor.

Reviews even help you book appointments with referred patients. According to a Press Ganey survey, 83% of patients read online reviews for a provider after receiving a referral. Unfortunately, 84% won’t follow up with that referral if that provider has less than a four-star rating.

Start gathering positive reviews by reaching out to your long-time patients. They probably have a positive experience or two to share if they’ve been with you for years.

Also, be ready to ask for reviews from patients who praise your services. For example, if a nervous patient comes in for cryosurgery and thanks you for making them feel comfortable, ask when they leave if they’d be willing to leave you a review. 

You’ll be surprised how many people will be happy for the opportunity to “pay it forward”!

6. Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free listing service for local businesses, including medical practices. It provides the critical information a potential patient would need before calling your practice, including:

  • Hours and location
  • Services offered
  • Contact information
  • Office photos
  • Website links
  • Patient reviews

You can even add direct links for patients to book an appointment or virtual consultation. 

Attract patients and earn their trust by ensuring your profile is up-to-date and complete. Include current practice hours and a comprehensive list of services. You don’t want a patient to pass you by because the procedure they need didn’t make your “selected” list.

Also, make use of the FAQ section. Consider what potential patients typically ask and add those answers to your profile. It’s a quick and easy way to establish expertise with people seeking a provider — a primary goal of most dermatology marketing ideas.

7. Take to Social Media

Many people turn to social media for healthcare information. They post about their medical concerns, gather opinions from friends and family, read the latest industry news, and even message providers with questions. Entering the conversation is free and connects you with people who may not find you otherwise.

Facebook and Instagram are both appropriate sites for dermatologists. Start by creating a profile that includes your practice’s name, brand colors, and logo if you have one. Then, complete your profile, including a link to your website and any contact information.

  • Post educational content 
  • Discuss your values as a provider and how they show up in your care
  • Share your thoughts on developments in your field
  • Join peer networks for dermatologists and other healthcare professionals
  • Use paid advertising to promote elective procedures

Of all the dermatology marketing ideas you can try, social media may be the easiest to evaluate. In-platform and third-party tools let you track your marketing campaigns’ performance and focus on those that get the best possible results.

8. Fill Your Blog With Educational Content

No list of dermatology marketing ideas would be complete without blogging. A blog allows you to share valuable and relevant information in a way that genuinely benefits readers while establishing you as an expert in your field.

For example, if you have in-depth experience treating carcinomas, you could create blog posts on topics like skin cancer symptoms or the benefits of Mohs surgery. If you write and structure your content with search engines in mind, you can reach people with medical needs that match your services.

Always focus on topics related to your practice areas, and minimize promotional content. You can mention your practice in a blog post, and it’s certainly okay to link to other pages on your website. However, always prioritize education over sales. 

9. Experiment With Video Marketing

Your patients see sponsored videos everywhere they look. According to WyzOwl’s 2023 State of Video Marketing Report:

  • 91% of marketers use video
  • 96% of those see it as a vital part of their strategy
  • 70% of non-video marketers plan to start using it in 2023

Video is one of the best dermatology marketing ideas because it’s engaging, personal, and valuable to audiences — qualities that help dermatology practices connect with potential patients. Plus, with telehealth being 38 times more popular than before the pandemic, patients are even more accustomed to video technology in medical care.

Some practices may still shy away from video content because they don’t think they have the resources or time. But have you gone on YouTube or TikTok recently? Popular content doesn’t require fancy equipment or high production values. 

You can make great content with a smartphone and a few patient-centered ideas, such as:

  • A video tour of your practice
  • A slideshow of before and after photos (with patient consent) of popular procedures
  • A skincare how-to (for example, how to apply sunscreen)
  • A Q&A on a popular skincare topic, such as acne treatment or warts
  • A “myth-buster” video contrasting popular advice with science-based recommendations

Video will feel more casual than print marketing for dermatology, but you still want to appear professional. Shoot in an area with good lighting and use a high-quality camera. Consider hiring a professional for videos with more complex camera work, such as your facility tour.

Sprinkle your videos across your online presence. For example, you might embed your practice tour on your website’s home page and put the photo slideshow on your procedures page. 

Create a YouTube channel for your how-tos and other educational videos. Share links to them on your social media pages.

Most importantly, remember to include links to your practice website so people can learn more — and, ideally, make an appointment. That’s the ultimate goal of all dermatology marketing ideas, no matter where they start.

10. Try Influencer Marketing

Not all specialties are appropriate for influencer marketing. For example, you won’t see Mr. Beast live streaming his colonoscopy or Kylie Jenner sharing pictures of her thyroid panel results. But influencer marketing is a great fit and one of the best dermatology marketing ideas of the 21st century.

Many beauty and wellness influencers already share skincare content. Spend some time searching for those who post about services similar to yours. For example, if you perform chemical peels or microdermabrasion, search for those terms on Instagram. Add words like “with me” or “my [procedure]” to target influencers rather than others doing dermatology practice marketing.

When you find a few potential partners, follow them and interact with their content. Influencers receive a lot of messages. It’s better to get to know them before you reach out. Once you’ve interacted a few times, develop a proposal.

You might offer a service discount or samples if you sell products. If an influencer responds, start developing a relationship.

Helpful Tips to Ensure Success

With these dermatology marketing ideas in your back pocket, it’s time to start. Here’s how to get the most out of your efforts.

Take the Time to Devise a Solid Dermatology Marketing Strategy

Dermatology marketing ideas are most helpful with a comprehensive strategy behind them. Before you launch any new campaigns, identify your goals and the techniques you’ll use to meet those goals. If an idea doesn’t advance your dermatology marketing strategies, pass it by for one that does.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

If too many people post negative reviews or complaints online, all the dermatology marketing ideas in the world can’t undo the damage. Keep track of what people say about you, especially on review sites. 

Respond to as many reviews as you can, especially the negative ones. Responding to a negative review makes 88% of consumers more likely to patronize a business. Reputation management software can help you stay on track.

Remember to Maintain an Online Presence Beyond Your Website

There are dermatology marketing ideas for all digital channels. That includes your website and third-party review sites, social media, and question-and-answer sites like Quora. It also includes blogs and sites like Medium, where people tell health stories.

Digital marketing for dermatology should reach as many of these places as possible. As you develop your strategy, include profiles or accounts on at least two platforms other than your website.

Back Up Your Marketing Efforts With a Great Patient Experience

As you try different dermatology marketing ideas, focus on excellent patient care and a great experience at all touchpoints. Patients who love what you do will be more likely to give you great reviews, mention you on social media, and send others your way.

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