Demandforce customer-favorite blogs of 2019

Our focus here at Demandforce has always been to educate and empower our customers on how to retain and attract their clients, and in turn, boost their business’s revenue. Although our customers come from different industries including medical, fitness, automotive, and more, the strategies we suggest can often be applied across the board. Our marketing automation software is designed for small business success – no matter the industry! Here are our customer-favorite marketing strategy blogs from 2019.

The benefits of intelligent online reviews

Online reviews are a significant aspect of the decision-making process for consumers. When a current or potential client searches fo r you online, more often than not they will find your business on a review site with a star rating. Our software offers an Intelligent Reviews tool that helps you manage hundreds of review sites in one place. Read more for the benefits of Intelligent Reviews. 

Strategies to increase client engagement

In a world where communication comes from several channels, your clients expect to hear from you outside of their appointment. Keeping your customers engaged is a great tactic when building client loyalty. But where and when should you be communicating with them? Read more for strategies to increase client engagement.

3 ways text messaging retains customers

Has it ever happened to you – professionally or personally – where you call someone and they don’t answer, so you text them as a follow up and hear back immediately? This is often because this non-intrusive communications channel is the preferred channel amongst most clients. However, even though texting is the preference, every message should be tied to a business goal. Read more for 3 ways text messaging retains customers.

How to use the 6 principles of persuasion to boost sales

Persuasion can be done through many tactics – six to be exact. Originating from psychologist Robert Cialdini, these persuasive methods positively affect a person’s psyche, and encourage an action as a result. Read more to find the principles of persuasion that make the most sense for your business.

Tips to increase client retention

Though gaining a new client is exciting, it often costs more than focusing on retaining your current clients. And if you keep your clients happy, they will often spread the word about your business and acquire new clients for you – for free. In the new world where Amazon has made the customer #1, small businesses have to follow suit in making superior customer service a priority. Read more for three tips to increase client retention.

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