Customer Spotlight: How VisionFirst generated 325 appointment requests in 4 weeks

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a flood of challenges for businesses throughout the country. Fortunately, your business does not have to navigate these difficulties on your own! Demandforce has the tools your business needs to help clear the hurdles ahead. We’re placing the spotlight on one of our many customer success stories: VisionFirst.

VisionFirst is a vision care practice with 16 locations throughout Kentucky and Indiana. With the latest diagnostic equipment and affordable eyewear, VisionFirst has provided thousands of patients with exceptional care since 1955.


Like many businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, VisionFirst needed an efficient way to bring in overdue patients. Adding to the difficulty of this challenge was the need to create a steady flow of appointment requests without creating more administrative burden on front office staff. 


Demandforce worked closely with VisionFirst to develop an email drip campaign that:

  1. Let their patients know that the practice was open and accepting appointments
  2. Educated patients on the importance of receiving their annual exams
  3. Offered insight into how the current pandemic could be negatively impacting their vision

The automated campaign contained a series of recall and reminder messages, and was utilized for five locations.


After implementing the new email drip campaign, VisionFirst generated 325 new appointment requests over the course of just four weeks. This amounted to an 114% increase from the previous seven months. Each of the five locations were able to successfully recall existing patients and bring in new patients. VisionFirst was one of the only optometry practices in the area taking new patients during the pandemic. 

There are inevitable challenges ahead for businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Demandforce provides the tools that you need to succeed and overcome the obstacles ahead. Whether you need to implement a campaign to reactivate overdue patients, or create a Virtual Waiting List for future appointments, Demandforce is ready to help steer you through the storm. 

To learn more about our email solutions or to schedule a demo of our software, visit or call us at 1-888-949-8104.

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