Our Top 5 Favorite Customer Appreciation Ideas

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the power of a simple “Thank You” – but as small business owners, we should always find ways to show our customers and patients we care. As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, the team at Demandforce thought that now was the perfect time to reflect on what we’re thankful for, and compile a list of our Top 5 Favorite Customer Appreciation Ideas.

Some of these ideas cost money, while some can be done for a nominal price, or none at all. Before you brush off spending money on customer appreciation, remember this: it costs less to cultivate a customer relationship and retain that customer than it does to find entirely new ones… so sometimes the price is worth it.

Our customers count. So show them you care with these Top 5 Customer Appreciation ideas.

Send a handwritten note or card

Sending a handwritten note or card can foster friendship and goodwill from your customers, and doesn’t cost you much at all! You can print cards from Staples or several online card printing sites, and then send them on their way.

Give a freebie

Sending a gift to your client from a gift basket to a personalized branded knick-knack can not only express your gratitude, but also cement your business in the minds (and hearts) of your clients. A gift can be personalized to show your connection with them, or it can represent your business in some way. Some ideas are: logoed mugs, keychains, or bottle openers. It could be a notebook, or even something like a free muffin that week for customers.

Offer an upgrade

Everyone loves feeling like they’re getting more, and that’s the idea behind the upgrade offer. This works well if you’re a technology business, or can offer a different tier of service to your customers for free, or for a discounted price. You can offer a coupon or entire price cut as a thank you gift, and you might even get more sign-ups for your premier levels.

Say thank you via video on social media

You don’t need to be a videographer or stellar actor to shoot a video on your smartphone and upload it to social media, or send it out in a dedicated email. This is a great way to thank you customers with a 30-second shout-out, or thank you statement that you can share on your website, on Twitter, and on Facebook. You can tag the customers you want to show it to, and it doesn’t cost a dime!

Host a Customer Appreciation Night

The holidays are always a good time to host a party or celebration, so if you have the budget, you can always host a customer appreciation event and invite your VIP customers to it as a Thank You. This is not only a great way to bond with and spend time with your clients outside the work environment, but it also gives your client the opportunity to network, and allows them to see the diverse group that you work with. A customer appreciation night doesn’t need to be a huge event; it can range from a casual get-together at your local coffee shop or a networking event at a rented restaurant. You can introduce upcoming upgrades or products, hold a raffle, or even provide hors d’oeuvres and drinks for a cocktail party feel.

Plus, if you’re looking for a way to connect with your customers, or get the word out about any events you’re hosting, or send your photo to your base, you can use the customizable email campaigns that Demandforce offers, and then you can also track open rates and engagement as well! If you don’t know what Demandforce is, you can schedule a personal demo with a Demandforce expert, who will take you through the steps on how you can market better to your customers!

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