One-Off Messages

One-Off Messages allow you to send emails or text messages to your remaining customers of the day, customers with upcoming appointments, and specific customers. Your customers can reply to these messages to engage in a two-way conversation with your practice. You can use One-Off Messages to send quick updates as the COVID-19 situation changes.


Select Your Recipients

To send a One-Off Message to specific individuals or a custom recipient list:

Log in to your Demandforce Portal.


On the Dashboard, hover over Contact Patients/Customers/customers in the top right corner of your screen.


Select Choose Recipients.

Note that you can also create a one-off message to Today’s remaining patients and Tomorrow’s patients.


Search for the specific patient(s) that you would like to send a message to. Select their name from the search results to add them to your recipient list.

Note: if a patient’s name is greyed out, this means they have not opted-in to either email or text communication, and will not be able to receive this message as a result.

To learn how to send a One-Off Message to all patients with an appointment scheduled for a specific day, check out our Help Center article.


Configure, write, and send your one-off message


Your recipient list will automatically select the communication method each customer has subscribed to. View your full recipient list by clicking the links in the Recipients field.

Note: if a customer has not subscribed to either email or text, you will not be able to select that message option for them. If a customer has subscribed to both, then they will automatically receive both an email and a text unless you uncheck one.


Write the Subject and Message that you would like to send in your one-off message. Remember to include the business or provider name within the content of the text/email.  Your customers will not be able to identify that the message is from your office without this information.

NOTE: if your recipient list includes delivery via Text, your One-Off Message will be limited to 160 characters. A recipient list that includes only Email will not be limited to 160 characters.


Before you send, be sure to Preview your message, as well as Save Template if you’d like to be able to use this One-Off Message again in the future.


After you have finished writing and proofreading your message, tap Send and your message will be delivered to your recipient list within 5 minutes.

Don’t see the features mentioned above? You may need to update to the latest version of Demandforce.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information (800) 220-1136.