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I Fought COVID-19 Living Alone. Here's What Got Me Through

Somewhere in the middle of my battle against COVID-19, I began to think I was going to die. And even worse than that – I thought I was going to die alone. Anyone who lives alone has likely wondered and worried at some point how they would get help if something serious happens to them. COVID-19 turned that fear into a stark and startling potential reality for me.

6 Essentials for an Effective Face Mask

At some point, all of us will have to leave our homes and venture into public places. For now, it may be the grocery store or the doctor’s office, but later as social distancing measures slowly ease, we may actually be able to get a haircut or return to the office for work. The new normal will be different – seating will be spaced far apart, there will be plenty of clear barriers to protect workers, and you will likely be wearing a face mask.

CDC Adds Six Symptoms to COVID-19 List

The CDC has added several new symptoms to its list for the coronavirus: chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, repeated shaking with chills and a loss of taste or smell.

COVID-19 and Skin Conditions: What We Know So Far

Growing evidence shows that COVID-19 can affect almost every organ, including the skin. Dermatologists around the world are sharing images and information about various kinds of rashes and skin-related effects that may be associated with COVID-19. There are so many different types of skin findings being reported that the American Academy of Dermatology has created an international registry to collect and evaluate this information from around the globe.

FAQ on Food and COVID-19: Answers From a Nutritionist

As much as people are feeling worry and fear about COVID-19, they’re also experiencing confusion – particularly over what’s safe and what’s not and how to navigate this new-normal. That goes for food too. Here are some of the biggest questions I’m hearing about food and some science-backed answers:

The COVID-19 Risk Factor You Can Control

If you are concerned about your risk from COVID-19, then you should know that there may be significant opportunities to lower your risk beyond hand washing and social distancing.