Keep Your Customers and Staff Safe with Mobile Check In

Demandforce has launched a number of new features that will allow your practice to implement a contact-free, mobile check in experience. Minimize the amount of time a customer needs to spend in your waiting room and eliminate the need to use pens and clipboards to fill out the various forms your office requires.

Your customers will be able to check in to their appointments and fill out any forms (including a new COVID-19 Screening Form) on their mobile device, as well as text back and forth with your staff all from the safety of their car. Their car becomes the new waiting room, helping to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe and healthy during this time.

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Before the Appointment


Set up the new COVID-19 Screening Form for your office.

Your Demandforce Portal now has a COVID-19 Screening Online Form for your office to use to help identify whether a customer is experiencing symptoms of the virus prior to their appointment. Your customers will have the opportunity to fill this form out on their mobile device during the mobile check in process the day of their appointment.


Your office is able to update this form with your own messaging and questions unique to your area of practice in the Online Form Editor:

1) Go to your Online Forms section under Communications and select the COVID-19 Screening template.

2) Make any edits that you wish.

3) Make sure the toggle is switched ON next to Show in Kiosk, and check the boxes next to both New Patients and Existing Patients. This publishes the form to your Mobile Check In experience for both your new and existing customers so they can fill it out on the day of their appointment.

If you would like to publish the form to Patient Portal/Pet Nexus as well so your customers have access to the screening form in advance of their appointment from their portal account, make sure the toggle is switched ON next to Show in Patient Portal/Pet Nexus (Note that the name differs depending on your office’s area of practice).

4) Preview your form by tapping the Preview button in the top right.

5) Tap Save.

Learn more about building and editing online forms >


Update your Appointment Reminders.

Update the Email messaging used in your Appointment Reminders to notify your customer about your new COVID-19 policies and instruct them on your new mobile check-in process. We suggest using the following copy and schedule:

Save the Date Reminder Email

When: Shortly after the appointment is scheduled

What to say: Reiterate that your office will remain open during this time unless further notice.


Pre Appointment Reminder Email 1

When to send: 2 weeks prior to the appointment

What to say: Outline your office’s new COVID-19 policies.


Pre Appointment Reminder Email 2

When to send: 2 days prior to the appointment

What to say: Explain how the Mobile Check In Experience will take place on the day of their appointment.


Day Of Reminder

When to Send: 2 hours prior to the appointment

What to Say: Remind them of your mobile check in procedure.







Learn how to edit Appointment Reminders >


Day Of Appointment

When your customer calls or texts the front desk to let you know that they have arrived at the office on the day of their appointment, send the customer any Online Form that they need to fill out, including the COVID-19 Screening Form.

On your Dashboard, scroll down to view Today’s Follow-Up Actions.


Search for the customer’s name, then tap “Check In” next to their name.


Select “Check In” from the pop up modal to send a text to the customer that contains a link to fill out all required Online Forms for the them to fill out.


IMPORTANT: If the customer has not yet opted in to text messages, you will be prompted to ask them for their permission to send text updates. It’s crucial that they opt in otherwise they will not be able to receive the link to check in online and will have to come in the waiting room. We recommend the following talk track to ask for verbal consent:


“Due to COVID-19, we’re asking our customers to participate in a mobile check in experience to minimize the time spent in the waiting room. I need to confirm that it’s okay to text you the online forms to fill out for your appointment. This will also opt you in to appointment reminders, appointment updates, and follow-up messages about this and future appointments. Is that okay?”


Once the customer has verbally consented to receive text messages, tap “Send” which will automatically send them a text that includes a link to complete any required Online Form they have yet to fill out, including the COVID-19 Screening Form.

While on your call, instruct the customer to follow the link from the text they’ve received to fill out those Online Forms needed for their appointment while they wait for their appointment to start.

Let them know that if they have any questions for you, they can reply to the text message and you will be able to text right back.

These texts will appear as new messages in the Two Way Text feature in your Demandforce portal.

Learn More About Two Way Text >

TIP: Demandforce Live puts Two-Way text on your Desktop, so you can view and reply to customer texts at any time. To Download Demandforce Live from your Demandforce Portal, go to Settings > Connect > Demandforce Live. (Please note that DF Live is currently not available for Auto and Dental).


Last but not least, let the customer know that you will text them when it’s time for their appointment to start so they know when to enter the building.

Use the Two Way Text feature in your Demandforce portal or Demandforce Live.

Learn More About Two Way Text >


Don’t see the features mentioned above? You may need to update to the latest version of Demandforce.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information (800) 220-1136.