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The Advantages of Chiropractic Scheduling Software for Your Practice

Patient scheduling sounds straightforward: talk to a patient, find a slot, and confirm the appointment. However, the reality is much more complicated and requires skillful planning and organization.  

Scheduling is critical to revenue growth and the success of your practice. A busy chiropractic practice might routinely book hundreds of weekly appointments, including new and follow-up patient appointments. 

Plus, scheduling staff are responsible for customer service, screening referral requests, collecting health data, and managing payments and insurance claims. Many practices also combine office administrative roles with marketing and social media departments. 

An inefficient process can directly impact practice operations and patient satisfaction, and any wasted time impacts your bottom line. The more you can streamline your process, the more organized your practice becomes and the better your patients’ experience. 

The easiest way to shift your process is to implement chiropractic scheduling software. With automated functions, you can simplify your communications and increase productivity. 

What Is Chiropractic Scheduling Software?

Chiropractic appointment scheduling software is an automated system for booking appointments and sending reminders. Many options are available, but the best chiropractic scheduling software integrate with your electronic health records and billing software and include marketing functions. 

The goal is to streamline your tools into one central solution that attracts, manages, and recalls patients with as little friction as possible. The result is an organized and efficient chiropractic practice with better patient care and communication. 

How it Works

Previously, appointments were managed manually with pen and paper or basic calendar software installed locally on each computer. You had separate tools to remind patients about upcoming office visits, send email marketing campaigns or social media posts, and manage your reputation. 

Modern chiropractic scheduling software takes all of these appointment and marketing tools and combines them into one place. These solutions are cloud-based, with web browser or desktop application access. All you need is an internet connection to log in and manage patient scheduling and communication, marketing campaigns, and your digital presence. 

Patients can also digitally interact with your office using an online patient platform in the same software. They can create an account, fill out intake forms, book appointments, and update their medical records.  

You can collect the data you need in advance, but clients also gain access to their personal information. New cloud solutions often include chat messaging, allowing your patients to ask questions or send short updates. 

The Many Advantages of Using Chiropractic Scheduling Software

Chiropractic clinics face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Between regulatory compliance, patient management, and billing requirements, chiropractors and clinic staff face an enormous administrative burden. 

Unfortunately, poorly designed systems or bootstrapped solutions only increase this burden. The staff spends too much time navigating clunky software and manual processes, which leads to redundant work and frustrating patient experiences. 

Chiropractic scheduling software can improve this process with integrated patient appointment management, marketing, and billing tools. The outcome is faster payments, fewer mistakes, reduced no-shows, and a better patient experience. 

Seamless Online Appointment Booking

Most people today prefer to do everything from a phone, including booking healthcare appointments. In 2019, 58% of millennials and 64% of Gen Xers said they would switch to online booking if their provider offered it. That was even before the boom of virtual care during the pandemic.

Online booking gives your patients continuous access and flexibility to schedule a visit when convenient for them. They bypass long hold times while you reduce call abandonment, service frustration, and patient churn. It cuts down on lost appointments and speeds up your patient capture process. 

With online booking options, you can run social media campaigns or local ads that take potential patients directly to your booking page. These tools sync with your calendar and display availability by appointment type, procedure, or chiropractor.  

Patients can pre-load their health data in preparation for the appointment and review recommendations afterward. The chiropractic scheduling software process simplifies booking and frees your staff to focus on other essential tasks. 

Automatic Appointment Reminders

A missed appointment is costly for both your practice and the patient. It not only leads to lost revenue but also to interruption in patient care. Practitioners and chiropractors try to curb these risks with reminders, often personal phone calls or manual emails and text messages. 

These practices are time-consuming and costly and can be easily updated with chiropractic scheduling software. You can customize workflows to send automatic text or email appointment reminders at set intervals and ask patients to confirm their appointments. If they need to reschedule, they can log in to their account and rebook, which helps reduce no-shows. 

Reduced Human Error

Technical failures and gaps in communication are significant causes of medical errors. While mistakes happen in healthcare settings, they are expensive and dangerous for patient safety. Incorporating chiropractic online scheduling software can help reduce human errors through automated workflows.

Automation means using software to automatically carry out tasks based on rules. You set triggers so that when X occurs, Y automatically happens. These workflows ensure appointments are appropriately scheduled, patient data is correctly transferred to medical records, and billing information is current. 

These chiropractic scheduling software solutions help you streamline your activities. It cuts down on the number of tools you work with, which helps reduce the risk of data and scheduling errors, and it cuts down on repetitive and redundant tasks. The result is increased productivity and fewer mistakes. 

Faster Payments

Chiropractic scheduling software uses text and email messaging to communicate with patients about payments. You can collect payments in your chiropractic clinics or send payment links directly to your patients via text. 

These functions help you stay on top of billing and collect on past-due accounts efficiently. You can set your workflow to automatically send texts about new bills or reminder texts about outstanding balances after a set number of days have passed without payment. Patients can then pay invoices with one click right from their phones. 

Once payment is approved, receipts are automatically sent to email, and you receive a notification about a completed payment. With chiropractic scheduling software, you can reduce your collections burden, free up your staff with automated workflows, and get paid faster. 

Enhanced Patient Experience

Patient experience is essential to reputation management and continued business and growth. Every interaction with your clinic leaves an impression on the quality of care your practice offers, including the booking experience. 

That’s where chiropractic scheduling software can shine. With the right solution, you can simplify interactions with your chiropractic clinics and make it easy for patients to get what they need.

The software is user-friendly for patients with little to no learning curve, making patient adoption quick and painless. Plus, easy booking and a suite of digital features give your patients 24/7 access to your clinic that is otherwise hard to provide. The result is greater trust and transparency and an overall enhanced patient experience. 

Key Features To Check for in an Appointment Scheduling Software

You can find a dizzying selection of chiropractic scheduling software available, each with different features. The best option depends on your business needs, but there are a few key features to invest in. 

Automated Reminders

Automated reminders are a game-changer in terms of scheduling. This feature helps reduce your no-show rate, encourages patients to return for treatment, and offloads a significant manual workload from your administrative staff. Look for chiropractic scheduling software that offers automatic text and email appointment and recall reminders. 

Customizable options are also important. That way, you can choose the number of reminders you send and how far in advance you send them and allow patients to confirm or reschedule. This will help you plan your calendar and gain some control over appointments. 

Calendar Syncing

Another feature to consider is calendar syncing. Online booking can help attract new clients, but it’s not helpful if your calendars don’t talk to each other. You end up double-booking patients, booking appointments when you’re closed, or having staff scheduling conflicts, which will cause chaos in your clinic. 

Calendar syncing makes sure none of these nightmares happen. Look for software that uses a calendar widget for patients that syncs directly with your management system. It should automatically block off booked appointments and release those times after a cancellation. 

Real-Time Schedule Updates

Desktop notifications are another essential feature to consider. With real-time updates, you can see when clients book or cancel appointments, fill out forms, send messages, or complete mobile check-in. 

Ideally, the chiropractic scheduling software should give you a desktop alert and a list of upcoming appointments and calendar changes. That way, you can see all your notifications, a list of the day’s confirmed patients, and last-minute cancellations from one place. High-priority flags on patient message alerts are also beneficial, so you never miss essential patient information.

Other features, like a virtual waiting list and appointment hot list, pair well with schedule updates. With these functions, you can build a database of patients willing to take last-minute appointments using a simple email template. When an opening becomes available, you can quickly search and select patients and send a text message to fill the spot. 

Customizable Settings

Chiropractic scheduling software that does exactly what you want provides more value to your clinic. Look for a program that gives you control over your service options, including different appointment types with custom time slots or appointment lengths. For example, you may need more time for an initial appointment with a new patient versus a follow-up appointment. 

Automated workflows and triggers should also be customizable to help reduce manual workload and follow-up. Let’s say you want to complete as much data collection as possible before a patient enters your office. With custom settings, you can configure your system to both automatically send an intake form after a patient books a visit and send daily reminders until the form is completed. 

Message templates and suggested responses can help simplify your communications, but these should be customizable, too. Choose software that lets you create your response templates and text updates with information that applies to your clinic.  

Tracking and Reporting

Finally, choose chiropractic scheduling software with tracking and reporting functions. Insight into your activities helps you measure success and focus on those areas. For example, knowing which channels drive revenue can help you decide where to advertise. 

Regularly monitoring your metrics helps you respond to trends and adjust your marketing strategies. If you run email campaigns, you need access to analytics that show email open rates, click-through rates, lead generation, appointment bookings, and more. That way, you can see which campaigns attract customers and convert to new appointments.

Access to online reputation management also helps you track what patients and the public say about your clinic and how you compare against competitors. Look for chiropractic scheduling software that provides insights into your ratings, reviews, and visibility score.

Get To Know Our Appointment Scheduling Solution for Chiropractors

Demandforce is a cloud-based automated marketing and chiropractic scheduling software that links with your management system. The software is designed to help you attract, retain, and recall patients by streamlining your office tasks and communications.

We developed Demandforce with five key components, each with a suite of tools that enrich your scheduling process: 

  1. Marketing
  2. Appointment management
  3. Patient communication
  4. Reputation management
  5. Analytics

With Demandforce, you can build a mobile-friendly website and establish a digital presence without the headache of web development or IT management. Attract customers and collect appointments across social media and the web using online booking available 24/7. 

Once appointments are booked, send automated email reminders and confirmations and fill last-minute cancellations with a virtual waiting list and hot list functions. Send updates and reminders or answer patient questions via text.

Finally, stay on top of your performance with tracking and reports. Learn which channels drive revenue and how well your marketing strategies work with email or social media campaign metrics. Plus, gain insight into patient reviews and ratings and compare how your practice measures up online against your competitors.As an all-in-one growth solution, Demandforce has all the tools you need to attract and manage patients, provide better communication, and build a more efficient practice. Schedule a demo today. 

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