Benefits of Virtual Waiting Lists

Before your business reopens, you’ll need something important: clients! In order to start generating revenue right away, you need to book client appointments. The new Virtual Waiting List feature from Demandforce will help you reopen your small business with a strong turnout on opening day, while also helping you stay in business moving forward. When used to its full potential, virtual waiting lists can offer specific client data that can be useful for increased business growth.

What is a Virtual Waiting List?

The Waiting List is a tool that allows your existing client base to request a future appointment and offers a convenient way for you to prioritize these requests. You can build a list of clients who are interested in the next available appointment even if you are uncertain of your reopening date and prioritize the appointments that were canceled due to COVID-19. 

Using an email template, you can invite your clients to join your Waiting List. When clients request an appointment, they are immediately notified that they have been placed on the Waitlist for a future appointment to be confirmed. You’ll be able to view a full list of clients awaiting appointments with an automatically generated note that states “Added via Waitlist.” Follow up quickly via Two-way Text or email to schedule an appointment with clients on your Waitlist.

Benefits of waiting lists include:

  1. Build momentum

A virtual Waiting List helps businesses build momentum by restarting operations with a list of clients ready to go, and, in turn, generating revenue right away.

  1. Quickly fill no-show appointments and cancellations from your waitlist

Easily fill newly available appointment slots by reaching out to clients labeled as “Added via Waitlist” on your client list. 

  1. Post-pandemic business growth

Virtual waitlists offer a unique opportunity for increased business growth. If you notice that many clients on your waitlist are from a certain local area, you may want to focus your marketing energy on targeting potential clients in that area. Additionally, you can plan a future brand partnership in that neighborhood.

There are many unknowns ahead, and it seems like things are changing by the day. In some states, businesses have had to close a second time due to new outbreaks. Throughout the pandemic, we may experience a vacillation between opened and closed businesses. A Virtual Waiting List will be a valuable tool to navigate through this dynamic economy and will help you build for the future while maintaining an organized appointment list. If a Virtual Waiting List seems like something you’re interested in, please visit Demandforce to schedule a demo.

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