Benefits of Using Bulk Text for Your Business

From offering virtual appointments to setting up an online store, small business owners have had to adapt quickly throughout the past few months. As it becomes clear that our country’s fight against COVID-19 is far from over, many things are still up in the air regarding best practices for businesses during this time. Staying in touch with clients is essential for retaining your base and relaying any important updates and notices. Text messaging is one of the fastest ways to reach clients and can increase engagement rates up to eight times the rate of email.

Bulk SMS, or mass texting, allows businesses to send out a message to a small or large number of clients all at once, and can even be scheduled in advance. Additionally, Bulk SMS enables you to become more efficient all while increasing the number of clients in your office. This is a valuable tool for anyone looking to retain their current clients during the current pandemic. Here are some of the biggest benefits of adding bulk text messaging to your communication strategy.


If you think about it, we don’t go anywhere without making sure we have our car keys, wallet and, of course, our smartphone.Our smartphones are always within arms reach most of the time if not 24/7. Nowadays we’re even able to respond to text messages from our tablets, desktops, and laptop computers ensuring that people are more than likely going to read a text message very soon after it’s sent. Bulk text messaging enables you to quickly let clients know about updated office hours, new check-in procedures, promo offers, and past-due appointments. Compared to email, the response time for text messaging is significantly higher and allows your business to communicate with clients in the fastest way possible!

High ROI

Text messaging is by far the best method of communication to reach clients. A study showed that more than 75% of consumers say that text messaging is the best way to reach them. Often, clients will read a text message within minutes of receiving it which increases engagement and return visits. Demandforce’s comprehensive marketing and communications solution includes bulk messaging within our Two-Way Text feature. Bulk texts are easy to set up and take as little or as much time as you decide to put into it and given the high rate of responses translates to increased revenue for your business. 


Relevancy is an important factor when it comes to sending out bulk text messages. Segmentation is an easy way to ensure that you’re sending the right messages to the right clients. If you’re wondering if you can send bulk messages to clients who tend to buy more products, the answer is yes you can. If you’re wondering if you can send bulk SMS to clients that have not had an appointment in the last six months the answer is also yes! Communication is more effective for your business when it is actually relevant to the intended recipient. The great thing about bulk messaging is that you can customize it to your liking and personalize it to any specific group of clients by behavior. 

If you’d like to learn more about Demandforce’s robust suite of products, including Bulk SMS, please visit or call us at 800-246-9853 to schedule a demo.

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