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I've moved around the Springs a lot and have tried stylists at both the University Village and Broadmoor locations for the past three years. I'm finally fed up with this place. To be fair, my hair usually looks good when I come out (I get highlight and a cut, which usually totals upwards of $200).

My complaint is the fact that it is pretty expensive, and I usually have to wait until 20 mins after my appointment time due to my stylist running late and then get rushed through my appointment. This happened yesterday and this time (although the end result looks good) I came out with something I didn't ask for and we didn't discuss. I wanted more lowlights to break up my blond color and she suggested a Demi with highlight over it. I agreed. But it's straight up one dark color. She barely took the time to place any highlight and slapped the color on to make up her time. This seems to happen more often than not at Veda and I always come out feeling unsatisfied. I'm taking my $200 +20% gratuity elsewhere.

Veda Salon & Spa - University Village replied:

I apologize for your experiences here at the Vedas. I would love to discuss this further and make this right for you and have the opportunity to coach the team more in detail. If you would please contact me at your convenience, Tess Friend Store Manager 719-265-5660

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I went in for a full highlight appointment with Ashley. For Aveda I have high expectations and my experience did not meet them. This was my first time at the Veda university village location. I showed up on time and my stylist came to get me about 10 mins after my appointment was supposed to begin. She was friendly but seemed rushed. I am used to discussing and showing a handful of pictures to ensure we are on the same page--this didn't happen. She glanced at my pics and suggested adding a bit of beige blonde into the Ashy-platinum that I was requesting. I agreed a tad of beige would soften the look and allow for the shadow roots I was after to blend in better as my hair grew out. I requested a particular foil pattern as my hair is very fine and I can't stand that streaky highlight pattern. She acted as if she understood and went to mix the color. I also requested that she do a ratio of 2:1 of platinum to the beige in hopes of being mostly a bright neutral/cool blonde.

As she foiled I could tell I was basically going to be a blonde zebra. After she finished foiling, she had me get up and move all of my things to a waiting area so she could take another client. I didn't appreciate this as the salon was pretty much a ghost town and I didn't see why she couldn't have put the other client in the station right next to me. (considering she had me process at room temperature and not with heat)

Finally I was brought back to the chair and sure enough I was a blonde zebra! Yes, the toner had removed SOME of the brassy tones, but I was primarily a beige-orangeish blonde. I had asked about my ends and if they needed trimming. She behaved as if the barely 1/4 inch trim was a favor.

When I mentioned how striped my hair looked, my stylist simply said to zigzag my part (which didn't improved it at all) When I got to the front desk I was looking at a $210 bill! One bowl of bleach, one bowl of color, a bit of toner, and a few split ends trimmed; $210?!? I was charged for a full haircut for a minuscule trim?

I was never given any indication of cost. My stylist did not listen to my requests. The front desk did listen to my concerns and after showing them what I had requested they immediately scheduled a "free" fix appointment for the following week.

Aveda also called me later the next day to ask about my experience and asked if there was anything they could do. I explained that their stylists should communicate clearly what they are going to charge. I also explained how disappointed I was in being charged as if I had had a complete style change rather than a trim. They did not offer to even do a partial refund for the "cut".


I won't come back here. My free fix did not pan out well. My should-be-platinum-blonde is yellow with chunks of dark orange tones and they wouldn't even tone it at all. I have sections of hair that are white and others that are an intense brassy yellow/dark orange STILL. My hair is less stripey at the roots but no where near my expectations. My stylist informed me that I would have to come back for several more appointments to attain the blonde I desired AFTER we had colored and washed... she should have said such a thing before we even started to "fix" the color... in the end, the stylist blended my roots but didn't change the color of my hair. If you want blonde, STAY AWAY FROM HERE.

Is an all over Ashy-platinum too much to ask for? From a natural level 7/8NG? I can do it at home and get better results and still have healthy hair.

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I have been going to Veda since I moved to CO. If it weren't for Stephanie or Fania, i would go somewhere else. For a high end salon, the customer service from the front desk is horrible! I pay for a level 4 stylist and pay very high prices, i expect great customer service. I understand Daniel may be a few months old, so the first time i knew it was difficult for him and he didnt know his way around the register or how the schedule works. He was new and i understood that. But last night it was uncalled for. He has been there a few months and still gets flustered and rude. I was at the desk for almost 30 minutes trying to book two appointments. After standing there while he finished his conversation with a stylist(in mid transaction) i had to speak up and tell him I'm waiting. When trying to schedule my two appointments he was getting so frustrated and impatient since i work full time and need an appt after 5. ( Have never had an issue scheduling before). Once he told me he booked both appointments, which he didn't bother to ask if i wanted it written down, i asked for the dates. All to find out he never scheduled both bc it was too hard for him to find two separate appts after 5pm! He then told me "you're just going to have to call off work" if i really want an appointment bc it's such an inconvenience for him to book my appointments due to my time frame. I'm sorry but I'm a professional and i am not calling off to get my eyebrows down! I could just go somewhere else! The whole time the stylist is standing there waiting to finish their conversation. Luckily another receptionist stepped in after hearing how he was talking and struggling.

Seriously, i work with patrons so i make sure i am nice and respectful when i am the customer. He just doesn't get it. Veda is going to lose customers if the front reception staff are not helpful and friendly. They should have a "whatever it takes" attitude. We pay A LOT to get services done at Veda but it is starting to go down. Luckily, i like Stephanie and Fania. I could always go back to Southgate because i never had issues there. They are clean and friendly.

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A fabulous haircut and perfect color....Kristin is a true master at her craft.

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Kristin Johnson was fabulous! This was my first time with her since my regular stylist is on maternity leave. I was vey happy with the results and I am getting compliments everyday about my new short haircut.

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This was my first visit and I was very pleased. I got a haircut from Hazel. She was very nice and I have had lots of complements on the style.

Veda Salon & Spa - University Village replied:

Thank you for your feedback, we will definitely pass it on to Hazel! We are so glad you are enjoying your experience with us and that you've found someone who gave you the cut you love! We will see you soon, have a refreshing day!

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My hair stylist was friendly to begin with, but after a few minutes I was made felt pretty uncomfortable. (I felt as if she didn't want to be there and I was wasting her time) I love the hair cut she gave me but unfortunately I probably won't go back to her.

Veda Salon & Spa - University Village replied:

I apologize for your experience here and would love to follow up. Please contact me at your convenience. Tess Friend- Store Manager 719-265-5660

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Had an appointment with Lindsey Snook. she was excellent, very professional, super cut and and color.

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Sierra continues to be an excellent stylist!

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Great service and good hair cut!

Veda Salon & Spa - University Village replied:

Thank you for your feedback! We would love to hear more about what you enjoyed about your experience! We look forward to seeing you next time! Have a refreshing day!