Online Booking

Get more appointments by letting clients book available time slots directly from your calendar with an online appointment booking software

Easy, intuitive calendar scheduling with fully-integrated features through appointment booking software

2 way calendar

Calendar sync

Clients can request appointments using an intuitive calendar widget that’s fully-integrated with your management system and Demandforce portal.

Fully-customizable settings appointment booking software

Fully-customizable settings

Configure your online booking settings to meet your unique business needs. Predetermine which appointment types, procedures, and providers clients can view and schedule.

calendar widget appointment booking software

Embed your calendar widget on any site

Place your booking widget on multiple pages of your website or your favorite social media channel. We provide the embed code -- all you have to do is copy and paste!

appointment booking software Automated email notifications

Automated email notifications

Receive instant notifications via email, Demandforce Mobile app, Demandforce Live desktop app, and/or the Demandforce portal when a new appointment is made.

Online Booking Center for appointment booking software

Online Booking Center

See all appointment requests by web source in one view, and instantly accept, flag, or reschedule them all from one dashboard.

What is appointment booking software?

Appointment booking software is a great way to automate your appointment scheduling process and save time, money, and resources. These systems help provide the necessary tools to manage appointments and keep patient data organized, so providers can see when their next available appointment slots are open. With an online booking system, patients and staff can set up an appointment through a direct connection to the provider’s office. This makes the booking process easy for patients to see their provider on the schedule that works best for them.

What industries can use the Demandforce scheduling software?

Every industry can benefit from appointment scheduling software. Some of the industries that would benefit include Chiropractic, Dermatology, Salon and Spa, Veterinary, Vision Care, and more! This is only a sampling of the industries that can benefit from a booking page that offers the ability for clients to schedule appointments. Combined with appointment reminders, online booking can help grow your appointments and reduce your no-show rates.

What should a business look for in an online appointment booking software?

With the surge of “touchless” and “virtual” ways to do everything, the need for your practice to implement an easy-to-use online booking system has never been greater. Your practice is unique and there are hundreds of online booking software available today, but how do you choose the right booking system for your practice? Here are 6 essential features to look for when evaluating online booking software for your business.

1. Real-time availability: A major advantage of an online booking system is its integration with your current management system to display your schedule in real-time. The best appointment scheduling apps have this feature to let your clients get the time slots they want without the risk of double booking. Clients get to see your business's availability online in an uninterrupted format, which makes coming to your office more convenient.

2. Customizable Settings: Customizable settings are useful for businesses with multiple providers who have different schedules. Look for an Online Booking system that enables you to predetermine which appointment types, procedures, and providers clients can view and schedule. This lets you create custom calendar blocks to ensure that clients can only view and schedule appointments for specific dates and times

3. Calendar embed for your website: Having the option to add Online Booking to your website is a must for attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. A comprehensive online booking solution should include functionality that allows you to embed your online booking calendar on any site, including your website, business listings, and social media pages.

4. Automated email notifications: Once a client books an appointment, a good online booking system should notify the client and provider immediately of the new appointment. In addition, the email notification should include an option for the client to add the appointment to their personal calendar. This functionality greatly reduces the risk of no-show appointments and revenue loss.

5. One consolidated view: The ability to see all of your appointment requests in one dashboard is a huge plus of any booking software. Look for the ability to view, accept, or reschedule appointments from one dashboard to help streamline your appointments and boost the productivity of front office staff. The ability to view all of your appointment requests in a single dashboard can also help your business quickly and easily plan for the day ahead.

6. Booking source tracking and reporting: Being able to measure your appointment booking software’s success will help your practice gain a better understanding of how patients are booking their appointments and which sources are the most effective. It’s not enough to simply view your past and future appointments. Look for an appointment booking software that provides key metrics like: -Total number of booking requests -Distribution of new and returning patients -Booking sources -Distribution of booking requests from each source -Top appointments booked

Why should my business use an appointment booking software?

Reduces time spent on the phone with clients: Online scheduling increases office efficiency by automating the appointment booking process. Instead of clients calling to inquire about your availability, they can conveniently view your calendar online and schedule their own appointments. This frees up valuable time, enabling your staff to focus more on the client's in-office experience.

Enables 24/7 scheduling - anytime, anywhere: With a fully-integrated Online Booking system, clients can book appointments when it’s convenient for them. No need to call your office or print booking confirmations; clients can receive an instant booking confirmation directly in their inbox and can access it anytime, anywhere - also reducing no-show appointments and making bookings easier!

Helps you attract more clients online: Prospective clients start their search for a local physician online. By adding Online Booking to ALL of your website and social media pages, plus Google and Yelp, you increase your chances of getting more appointments booked online -- helping you expand your presence, grow your client base, and boost your bottom line.

Educates clients on your holiday hours, services and providers: Today’s consumers want full control of their buying experiences, so the more information about your practice you can provide online, the better. With a customizable Online Booking process, you can predetermine which appointment types, procedures and providers your patients can view and schedule. Additionally, you can block off holiday hours and closures, and make sure that each provider’s schedule is accurate based on their real availability.

What is the pricing for the Demandforce Appointment Booking Software?

We offer a range of digital marketing services to exceed your business goals by bringing current clients and attracting new client. To learn more about the best appointment booking software for businesses like yours, and other services/tools Demandforce offers, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts. Call us at 800.246.9853 or fill out our form and we’ll respond within one business day.