7 Tips to Create Bewitching Halloween Emails

Halloween is quickly creeping towards us, which means your business has an opportunity to engage customers with a fun email campaign. This is also a chance for you to break away from your normal marketing tone and catch your customers by surprise. Maybe this style of fun email spooks you, but never fear, because we’ve put together 7 tips to help you create bewitching Halloween emails!

1. Create a catchy subject line

This email’s subject line should stand out from your other marketing emails. If the email includes a special offer or promotion, be sure to highlight it in the subject line. Another effective strategy is to use emojis in your subject line. According to Forbes Magazine, “brands who use an emoji in their subject line experience a 56% higher open rate than brands who don’t.”

2. Use engaging copy

Use this opportunity to showcase your fun side with the email copy. Your copy should still be simple and emotionally engaging. Include Halloween related puns and humor that will make your customers laugh (or groan)! This will help increase the chances that the email recipient will convert. The more humorous your copy, the more likely your customers will share it with others.

3. Keep the copy light

The average customer has an attention span of 8 seconds. Beware that you don’t overload the email with too much copy. Get to the point quickly, and let a strong message or offer drive the email. It’s best to direct your customers to a landing page where they can read more detail about your message/offer.

4. Implement Halloween style fonts and colors

In a seasonal email you should lean into the season with fonts and colors. You can still maintain the integrity of your branding while creating an email with a seasonal influence. Halloween colors and spooky fonts can go a long way to increase customer engagement! 

5. Trick or treat?

Well, maybe just a treat. Consider offering your customers a small treat. We all love a good treat on Halloween. You can offer your customers a discount on future purchases as a treat that will keep them coming back for more. 

6. Don’t forget a CTA

A clear call-to-action (CTA) is crucial to include in your email, because it lets the recipient know what you want them to do. It’s also important to make sure that you keep your CTA from being buried in the email. For example, a simple discount button above the fold of the email will be easy for your customers to see. The easier your CTA, the more likely it is for your customers to  convert. 

7. Access Halloween templates in Campaign Studio

Our email builder Campaign Studio features a wide range of pre-built Halloween templates for our customers. Templates are available for General Medical, Optometry, Chiropractic, Salon, Spa and Veterinary industries. Each template is flexible and can be customized to your specific needs. 

Halloween email campaigns offer an opportunity for you to connect with your customers emotionally with humor and fun. Customers love to see the brands they love engage with the holiday spirit. Stick to these tips when creating your Halloween emails and you’ll see your sales boooooost!

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