4 Ways to Get the Most From Demandforce

Most of our customers utilize our main features like appointment confirmations regularly, but our software can do so much more. Our tools were created with business owners like you in mind and there are many simple tricks that can make life easier for you and your staff. We’ve compiled a quick list of things you may not know about so you can work efficiently and get the most from Demandforce.

Set up automatic communications

Nearly all of Demandforce’s communications can be automatically sent to your customers. This includes automated emails, text messages, and voice calls, which free up the phone lines and saves your team valuable time. Effortlessly set up appointment reminders, confirmations, review requests, thank you messages, and recall reminders to be sent to customers automatically based on criteria of your choosing. For example, recall reminders can be triggered when a customer hasn’t scheduled an appointment at your business within the last six months. These messages can include incentives to further drive repeat visits and improve your retention rate.

Track competitors

In order to grow your business, it’s essential to monitor the reviews, star rating, and online visibility of your local competition. Within the Demandforce portal, the Competitor Dashboard gives you a snapshot of how your business is doing compared to other similar businesses in your area. You can see all of your reviews across top sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook alongside your business’s average star rating. Select your top three competitors and view their updated marketing analytics side by side.

Monitor all of your online business listings 

76% of people who search for something online nearby using a mobile device will visit a business within 24 hours. It’s important for small businesses to rank highly in local SEO by maintaining complete, up-to-date business listings. Easily monitor all of your listings across the Internet and update them all at once with our listing management tool. There is also in-depth analytics so you can track your web visibility, profile visits, and appointments generated from each site. Check the current status of your online business listings with our free scan.

Quickly create and respond to messages

Most small businesses don’t have time to spare, so we’ve made it simple to create and send emails and reply to text messages. Take advantage of our extensive library of industry-specific email templates that take seconds to edit and send to your customers. These one-click templates include special offers, holiday emails, newsletters, educational content, and more tailored to fit your particular industry. Our two-way text messaging feature also utilizes pre-made templates in the form of suggested responses so you can quickly send a reply without having to create a new message each time.

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