4 Strategies to Increase Patient Engagement

It’s no surprise that patients who are engaged in their health care are more likely to have better outcomes. By focusing on increasing patient engagement in your practice, you can increase overall wellness for your patients and delay or avoid the onset of serious complications from chronic diseases. 

The following patient engagement strategies work together to create activated and engaged patients who have the knowledge, skills, and desire to be participating parts of their own health care team.

Offer Online Scheduling

It’s likely that most of your patients or their caregivers are frequently online or have ready access to the internet. Offering an online booking option will make scheduling an appointment more convenient for many patients who may find it difficult to set aside time to schedule over the phone during your practice’s operating hours.

Send Automated Reminders for Upcoming Appointments

It can be all too easy to forget about an appointment that was made, especially when it’s a long-term follow-up that was scheduled months before. To help with this, you can send your patients automatic reminders about their upcoming visits. Sending a reminder via text with an option to confirm or reschedule is often the most convenient option.

Communicate Using Multiple Methods

People appreciate having options about how to communicate in our “always-open” society. Send an email, a text, and a phone call so that your patients can respond in the way that works best for them. While it may seem redundant, there’s really no such thing as communicating too much with your patients.

Set Up a Patient Portal

By providing a portal where your patients can access all of their health information, you’ll make it easy for them to stay on top of their medical conditions and communicate effectively with their other providers. Providing condition-specific education in their patient portal will also help empower them to take charge of their health.


By understanding the principles of patient activation and engagement and integrating them with the latest technology solutions, you can provide individualized care by giving your patients the right message at the right time. While increasing patient activation is undoubtedly in the best interests of your patients, it’s also in the best interest of your practice. Empowering your patients to participate in their own health care benefits your practice in the following ways:

  • Increased revenue
  • Fewer no-shows and canceled appointments
  • Retain your patient base
  • Better patient relationships
  • More efficient use of your time
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