4 principles of crisis recovery

The economy is slowly opening across the country as we continue to move through the pandemic. As you physically prepare your business to open for in-person appointments, it’s important to also focus on strategies that will enhance the recovery of your business in the midst of this economic crisis. Here are four principles of crisis recovery to help your business thrive once again.

Build trust through communication

One of the silver linings that has emerged as a result of the pandemic is a sense of community. Customers, clients, and business owners all feel uniquely connected and inhabit a desire to help each other. Trust has become a currency of sorts for doing business. Customers are drawn to help businesses that show reciprocity rather than self-interest. To incentivize customers to return to your business, use retention campaigns that include promotional offers. Offers should be worded to benefit customers, not your bottom line. When customers see that you understand their financial position, they are more likely to work with you again in the future. 

Expand your customer base

People are eager for businesses to open up. This presents an opportunity for you to get the word out to potential customers who may not have been aware of your presence before the pandemic. Utilize social media and online reputation management to reach a new segment of customers. If you’re building a retention campaign with promotional offers, let people know with a simple Facebook or Instagram post. One strategy to consider is donating a dollar amount from services you offer to a local food bank. Manage your online reputation by promoting your customer’s donations via Instagram and Facebook posts. New customers will be drawn to seek business with those who are helping give back to the community.

Make your business accessible to all patients

Even after businesses begin to reopen, customers will still need to practice safe social distancing. Additionally, some people are still wary about returning to brick and mortar locations. Offering contactless curbside pickup, and mobile check-in options are a good way to let customers know their safety is still your number one priority. Keeping virtual appointments available, even if limited, will keep trusting patients returning for business while feeling safe.  

Look at the big picture

Remember that business as usual is in fact not “usual”. We are in the midst of a shift in the way business is done, and it’s crucial not to lose sight of that new truth even as states continue to reopen. Many of the virus mitigation measures have driven new business practices to emerge for the long haul. Offering virtual services, if you don’t by now, is something to implement, because it will create reliable paths to recovery and growth in an economy continuously shifting towards the virtual space. 

Businesses can recover quickly and get back on track to reach sustainable growth after COVID-19 by following these four principles. You’ll notice that trust is a permeating principle which holds as a foundation for rebuilding your business. Uncertainty seems to be the new normal. Genuine trust is needed between people to inspire security as we come together as a community to rebuild our economy. 

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