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4 Online reputation management tips for multi-location practices

Online reputation management is a business necessity for multiple reasons. Your online reputation has a strong impact on your practice growth, especially for multi-location practices. When potential patients see positive reviews from existing patients, they’ll be more inclined to schedule an appointment. On the flip side, negative reviews can tarnish your reputation and diminish your ability to attract new patients.

How can you capitalize on positive sentiments from your happy patients? And how can you handle online reputation management for multiple locations?

You can easily manage your online reputation across multiple locations with professional online reputation management. Collect feedback through surveys, automate review collection and posting, and keep your practice listings up-to-date across key sites.

Automate Online Reviews

Every patient interaction is an opportunity to deliver top-notch service and earn a positive online review. In fact, most patients will take time out of their day to leave a positive comment on your review sites if you ask them! When you make the process simple for patients, you’ll earn more reviews.

With professional online reputation management, you can automate review requests via text or email. That way, patients can submit a review in just a few clicks. You can also publish collected reviews directly to Google to help boost your search engine ranking. The most advanced online reputation management solutions offer an Intelligent Reviews function that lets you turn on and turn off sites where you want to share patient reviews, such as Facebook, WebMD, and Healthgrades.

Monitor Reviews and Respond Quickly

Ideally, you should respond to every review in less than 24 hours. While a brief thank you to acknowledge positive reviews is often enough, provide a more detailed response for negative reviews. Negative reviews can harm your brand image and company’s reputation online. Quick action is a must to reduce the potential effects of negative reviews.

What can you do? Look for an online reputation management solution that offers advanced review monitoring that alerts you each time patients submit reviews. Address each negative review as soon as possible. Be respectful, empathetic, and suggest next steps or remedies. Businesses that follow these best practices can turn negative reviews into positive outcomes and demonstrate their commitment to patients.

Review monitoring is a useful way to know what people are saying about your practice locations online. Even if your reviews are generally positive, you can identify patient feedback themes to know which locations are performing well and which may need refinement. Monitoring your reviews is an essential part of online reputation management.

A high-quality online reputation management solution also lets you monitor competitors’ reviews from a central dashboard. You can get up-to-date insight on the number of reviews your competitors have including the ratio of positive to negative reviews. In addition, you can keep tabs on competitors’ average review scores and see how many reviews they have on social networks.

Send Satisfaction Surveys

Reviews provide a picture of your practice’s quality of care to the outside world. While online reviews can give you important insight, they’re not the only way to keep a pulse on patient sentiment. It’s also beneficial to send out satisfaction surveys to gather feedback on patient experiences.

The best practice is to send out patient surveys after each visit. This process is easy to automate with professional online reputation management. Create surveys with industry-standard questions or create your own custom questions. Once you’ve set up your surveys, you can send them automatically to patients after each appointment.

With satisfaction surveys, you can also identify trends in patient experience and engagement. If you see any areas that need corrective action, you can take the necessary steps. Eliminate factors that could lead to negative patient sentiment and prevent some negative reviews or comments on social media. Proactively soliciting feedback makes patients feel like their voices and perspectives matter, and can make online reputation management easier for you.

Manage Listings with Bulk Updates

Making sure listing and directory sites have correct, up-to-date information about your locations is another core element of online reputation management. Your solution should enable you to maintain one source of truth and publish practice details across 100+ sites, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, WebMD Vitals, and more.

With listing management, you can update practice details in one central location and publish them to multiple sites. You can also automatically scan sites and claim business listings to ensure you have full control over your information. Look for an online reputation management solution that offers full voice search integration that lets voice search users find you with ease.

Streamline Online Reputation Management and Build a Positive Digital Presence

Online reviews are some of the most powerful factors shaping perceptions about businesses. While everyone wants to appear at the top of the search results page, a #1 ranking won’t matter if your practice’s locations have a less-than-stellar reputation.

You can proactively manage your online reputation and shape perceptions of your practice. All you need is an advanced online reputation management solution and a commitment to monitoring online feedback.

Online reputation management lets you stay on top of your reputation across multiple locations and keep a watchful eye on competitors’ online review performance. You can automate review requests and send reviews to various sites and social media platforms. Plus, you can send out satisfaction surveys to gather patient feedback after visits. Additionally, you can keep business listings updated to ensure people receive correct information when they search for you online.

Online reputation management doesn’t need to be a time-consuming chore. Deploy a top-notch solution to make it easy to build a positive presence online and draw new patients to your practice.

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